Social distancing and being blocked in Corona days

In order to take precautions against the Corona virus epidemic, we all distanced ourselves from our social relationships and interactions. The feeling of being blocked, stress and boredom are among the emotions we all experience the most at this distance we put to our work, meeting with our friends, having fun, going to our favorite cafe, gyms. Although cooking and eating, video meetings over applications, jokes in chat groups are good instantly, we all expect these days to pass. In this article, we will focus on the indisputability of many possible rational causes such as health anxiety, financial difficulties, future anxiety, and the feeling of being blocked and limited by having to be alone with oneself. The fact that what we have been doing, what we can do and what we have chosen is limited is what makes this process the most difficult. If you are one of those who frequently use the phrases “let’s go”, “get up, let’s do something”, “I think I’ll try this”, which we call “impulsive child mode” in the language of schema therapy, or if you are one of those who are familiar with these expressions, you have already started to experience the difficulties of these days.

Impulsive kid mode; They are individuals who do not accept limits regarding their non-basic desires and expectations, cannot prevent themselves from doing things that they can enjoy in the short term, and have difficulty in procrastinating and controlling. You can observe this mode with the way of expression “jumping from branch to branch”, wanting to do what is best in his mind, and wanting to get away/avoid the life that bothers or compels him. You can imagine the difficulty he has had in his last days of spontaneous frustration in his eternal struggle with frustration. Or is it you? Or one of your closest friends?

Social distancing against corona virus

These days, when we put social distance against the Corona virus and what the boundaries are clearly determined by the state levels, the situation of those who have a strong impulsive child mode is just like the situation of a child who is forced to look behind a glass at a beautiful park full of his favorite toys. Oh what would he do if he was there now? Our impulsive kid mode is the answer to this: “Why not, it’s like it’s going to mess with me!” can give with. But this is about the mirror of optimism he looks at to seduce you, don’t listen to him. Home is a safe space. What would it be like for those who have a strong impulsive child mode?

Set a routine that you will practice every day; such as getting up at 9 in the morning, taking a shower, having breakfast, cleaning; Directing the impulsive child mode to be involved in an occupation and giving it a routine is developer.

There are many things that you want to do, that you have been thinking about trying, that you should definitely do, re-evaluate the activities, learn to play the guitar by yourself, and give a chance to the pencil work that you tried before and got bored will be more enjoyable than you think.

Take responsibility for what needs to be done while at home; While responsibilities such as shopping and arranging the bills may sound boring, dealing with them is essential for the impulsive child mode to gain and maintain responsibility.

Social distance is not a barrier to social interaction; Talk to your friends, of course, through apps.

Although these days are challenging us in different ways in different areas, it is possible to come out stronger and stronger. Value yourself, protect yourself…

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