Social decay – child abuse

It’s been dusty again for the last few days. The pace of both political and economic developments is dizzying. It is almost impossible to keep up with this speed. In all this rapid flow, the news of terror and child rape is one of the most occupied events lately.

What happened is so tragic, so shocking and so shocking. While things should have changed, we are not aware of the events or the developments that followed, apart from the news by some media outlets. Such insensitivity is not pleasant.
The situation is so bad that one is surprised even the order of events.

We do not understand why those big people can covet a little girl’s privacy and rape, and how and why they can do such a torture. How they can see in themselves the right to touch those little bodies, how they can approach their own daughters, relatives, acquaintances or strangers with a sense of sexual pleasure, cannot take their minds and conscience.

The business has gotten so out of hand that it’s unbelievable. Since the last time I saw the news titled ‘Rape Again’ yesterday, I decided to use the title ‘Social Decay’ for this situation.

We rotted and began to fall out all over us, and as they fell, those silvery, sparkling, shiny coatings that covered us also fell, and the rottenness, hunger, brutality, human misfortune, unscrupulousness, immorality began to flow out within us.
We are not aware of it, but we started to drift in that current towards the unknown.

I say true to the unknown because let’s think about it. How will we protect our little girls and children? For example, are we going to start protecting cousins ​​from each other that we should be like brothers and raise like brothers? ‘Oh my daughter, be careful, protect yourself against your uncle, aunt, uncle, aunt’s child, so that he does not rape you.’ will we say?
If that’s the case, it’s over.

As a mother dealing with human psychology, as a woman, and as a human being, I want to reach wherever my voice and hand is enough, thinking that someone needs to take decisions and react to put an end to this rottenness.

It should be known that rape causes a person and especially a child to experience the greatest trauma of his life, and if serious professional support is not received, the child carries the effect of this trauma throughout his life. How is the post-traumatic situation dealt with, how is the support provided to children and families who have been raped, who is doing serious work on the issue? We all need to ask these questions and it is very important that we know the answer. These should be the most important information for us to get to know our future and the people who are candidates to rule us. It is necessary to look at the human background of people more important than how many children they have or their political background.

For example, how many rape cases did he cover up in his region, or how many rape cases did he uncover? What kind of work has he done to prevent crimes committed in the name of honor? Did he act as an intermediary for the family whose daughter was kidnapped on behalf of the families who kidnapped and detained the little girls and then tried to make a wife for themselves or their son with the imam marriage because we supposedly got married?
It is necessary to know and understand whether a person from any region who is a candidate to govern us, society and our country will be able to manage himself and then his morals correctly.

These rapes are the ones that are reflected outside, it should be known that there are thousands of other incidents behind. The situation is no longer an individual crime and has begun to take the form of a social crime. If we pay attention, we are not talking about the rape of one person anymore, we started talking about the rape of many people against one person. That’s why no rape is an exception, that’s why it’s not personal, and that’s why it should be taken very seriously.

Finally, all these experiences are sexual abuse of children and we should all say stop to this abuse. Unless we all get our heads out of the sand and observe our surroundings correctly, as long as we can’t get rid of the vicious daily conflicts and accept the simple lives that are imposed on us, our lives will not get any better than this…

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