So what should I do during the sleep training phase?

Newborn babies have difficulties in adapting to this new environment, which they have never known, just as their parents have difficulty adapting to the new order. They need their mothers to relax by sucking and to feel that warmth after the warm 9-month period. It is normal for babies to wake up frequently during these first months. Mothers may have difficulties in adapting to the new order, and these frequent awakenings may cause them to feel tired, their sleep needs cannot be met and mothers may become unhappy. Sleep training should be started when both parents and baby are ready. Babies can be given sleep training after 4 months. (There are various sleep trainings, but the month range in which the baby is ready is the sleep training interval according to the lay-and-lift method.) Since sleep training is a process that requires patience, the mother and father believe in this process, the child is not put to sleep in a place other than home before the training is given, and it is one of the situations that will disrupt the routine. should be avoided and they should start education after providing similar conditions.


If your baby does not have any physical discomfort to give sleep training, sleep training can be given if the parents are ready to start this process that requires patience. About 2 weeks before sleep training your baby (more if necessary), your baby’s feeding, activity and sleep times during the day are noted. These noted habits are organized according to the EASY method below.
E. (Eat)= Nutrition
A. (Activity)= Activity
S. (Sleep) = Sleep
Y. (Your Time) = Time left to you
According to the routine given above, your baby’s activities during the day are organized. For example; It is not breastfed to sleep, the baby should separate sleep and feeding. Otherwise, she needs to be breastfed or bottle fed to sleep.


Before you put your baby to sleep at night, you should create certain habits for your baby, babies love order. You should not deposit at 19:00 one day and at 23:00 the next day. When you are going to put your baby to sleep at night, you can take a warm shower before going to bed. You can go into her room and turn off the light and say good night to her. Doing the same things every day calms your baby and reminds him that it’s time to sleep. After creating these routines, it’s time for your baby to sleep in his own bed and sleep soundly at night. When your baby is sleepy, he will give you various signals. Scratching your ears, rubbing your eyes, yawning, scratching your face, etc. When you realize that your baby is sleepy, you are ready to put him to bed.
means. Another important point is that you do not do very intense strenuous activities for 20 minutes before putting your baby to bed. Otherwise, you may cause your baby to lose sleep. When you take him to his room, follow the routine you created for sleep. Hold him in your lap for 5 minutes, sitting calmly, do not talk or shake. Then put him in bed calmly. As your baby adapts to his old habit, he will react to you and cry or become cranky. When she cries, hold your baby in your arms immediately and make a shush.. sound and pat her back gently with your fingers. As soon as he calms down, immediately put him back to bed.

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