Smoking Increases Covid-19 Risk 15 Times

Dr Ali Özeren, in publications originating from China (1), said, “It was determined that the risk of developing pneumonia due to COVID-19 is 15 times higher in smokers who caught COVID-19.”


Noting that it is a known fact that the use of cigarettes and e-cigarettes causes infection in the lungs and suppression of the immune system to some extent, Dr. Ali Özeren said, “Cigarette makes it difficult for the hair-like mechanism in the respiratory tract, called cilia, to work. These cilia cover the entire respiratory tract and cause respiratory distress. “It works in the opposite direction of its path, allowing the particles that enter the body with the air, held by the mucus and expelled through the sputum to move towards the mouth and nose. Smoking puts an extra load on these cilia and makes it difficult to work. This makes it difficult to clean the respiratory tract and lungs,” he said.

Stating that cigarettes and e-cigarettes also damage the structure of white blood cells called “neutrophils”, which are responsible for clearing the infection, during respiratory tract infection in the lungs, Dr Ali Özeren said, “During microbiology and immunology research at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, e-cigarette smoke It was found that the chances of survival of mice vaccinated with streptococcal bacteria and the flu virus after exposure to streptococcal bacteria were found to be considerably reduced. (2) This is thought to be caused by the fact that cigarette and e-cigarette smoke inhibit the functioning of white blood cells called neutrophils. The suppression of the work of these immune cells working in the respiratory tract is also It facilitates the development of many respiratory diseases, especially COVID-19.

Harvard University Immunology Specialist Prof. Dr. Derya Forgetz said, “80-85% of the coronavirus deaths in China and America are smokers and 90% of the recovered patients are non-smokers… The damage of the corona virus in smokers is 15 times more than in a normal person.
It will be very beneficial if you quit smoking today, even now. Urgent smokers need to quit smoking. Otherwise, intensive care and other treatments do not have much effect on these people. WE JUST EXPECT THEM TO DIE. said (3)


Stating that the research at ChapelHill shows that the use of e-cigarettes suppresses the activity of immune and inflammatory response genes in the nasal cells, even more than smoking, Dr Ali Özeren said, “As it is known, the cause of Covid-19 disease and known as the “Corona virus” among the people. The virus named SARS-CoV-2 becomes active most easily by clinging to a protein called ACE2 in the body.According to studies, this suppression revealed that the gene encoding the ACE2 protein, which the Corona virus uses to infect cells, is more active in smokers than in non-smokers (4). Of course, none of these studies can accurately predict the extent to which smoking will affect the current epidemic, but given that cigarettes and e-cigarettes cause serious damage to the immune system, it is safe to assume that they can make coronavirus infections worse. and the damage it causes to the lungs is known. While quitting smoking and e-cigarettes is always a very important move, it is of much greater importance, especially during the Covid-19 global epidemic that swept the world.

In addition, it is nothing more than gossip that the blood pressure drugs we call ACE inhibitor and ARB shared in social media and groups are harmful. There is absolutely no scientific evidence and none of our patients should give up on a treatment that has proven well-established benefits (5).

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