Smoking ages the skin

Smoking, which plays a role in the formation of diseases such as cancer, lung diseases and heart-circulatory system, also causes important problems on the skin.
Smoking, which causes delayed wound healing, wrinkles, hair loss, psoriasis, skin cancers and some diseases in the mouth, also gives the skin an aged appearance.
It is known that smoking plays a major role in skin aging. Wrinkles are considered an important indicator of skin aging.
“The main causes of skin aging include age, genetics, ultraviolet rays, environmental factors, hormonal changes and nutrition.
However, cigarette smoking, whose role we know well in the formation of cancer, is also among the most important causes of skin aging. Therefore, multifactorial evaluation of cases is required in studies on wrinkles.
The skin of smokers quickly wrinkles
Some scientific studies show that a 40-year-old smoker and a 70-year-old non-smoker have the same wrinkle appearance. “The rates of smoking were found to be significantly higher in those with severe wrinkles. In addition, while wrinkles increase with exposure to sunlight in smokers, this relationship was not observed in non-smokers.
– Prominent lines and wrinkles
– Dryness on the face and prominence in the underlying bone structure
– Thinned and gray appearance of the skin,
– Slight orange, purple and red appearance.
Smoking affects women more
It is observed that women are more prone to wrinkles than men.
It is noteworthy that the risk of wrinkles increases after 10 packs per year for women and 20 packs per year for men.
Considering that there are 4000 different substances in cigarette smoke, many mechanisms that we have not yet detected should not be ignored.
Stop smoking for a smooth skin!
In the postmenopausal period, dryness of the skin, decrease in collagen and thinning occur due to estrogen deficiency.
In postmenopausal women who smoke, ‘hormone replacement therapy’ reduces the risk of wrinkles caused by smoking. However, this treatment does not eliminate the negative effect of smoking on skin aging.
Factors involved in the formation of skin aging:
– Drying on the skin with the contact of cigarette smoke and the local effects of toxic substances in the smoke cause wrinkles.
– The contraction of the lip and facial muscles while smoking and the direct irritating effect of the smoke play a role in wrinkles.
Many substances in cigarette smoke are known to be phototoxic.
– It is argued that smoking causes a decrease in the collagen structure of the skin and changes in the cross-links of collagen.
– Changes are also detected in the elastic fibers of the skin in smokers.
– Free radical formation and related tissue damage are observed in smokers.
Nicotine reduces blood flow to the skin. This leads to an increase in capillaries and thinning of the overlying skin.
Smoking causes blood circulation disorder in the spine and paves the way for back pain and herniated disc.
The anti-estrogenic effect of smoking causes an increase in infertility, early menopause, menstrual irregularities and osteoporosis.
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