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A sincere, sincere smile is the greatest principle of communication. It helps you to make a noticeable difference and value both in your private life, in your social life, and in your business life. What if I told you that a sincere warm smile can affect the policies of countries?

History : April 12, 1961, first man in space!

Gherman Stepanovich Titov and Yuri Gagarin. Two of the most important Soviet heroes in space history. During the cold war years, in the fierce space race between the USSR and the USA, the USSR had difficulties in choosing the cosmonaut to send into space. Both had successfully passed all training. Both candidates were extremely successful, talented and enthusiastic. In fact, in the majority opinion, Titov was a cosmonaut one step above Gagarin.

This difficult choice was not made until the day of the first flight in April 1961. Finally, a few hours before departure, the Soviet air force commander made his choice and announced that Yuri Gagarin would be the first person to go into space.

What was the reason for Titov not being chosen? Why was Gagarin chosen?

Sources say that Gagarin simply has a “prettier smile”, Titov’s serious look was not chosen because people didn’t like it. The strongest reason for Gagarin’s election is the thought that he would be more useful for Soviet propaganda with his sympathetic warm face smiling with his teeth. Even if he returned from space travel unsuccessfully, Gagari was chosen because this smile of the astronaut, who got off the spacecraft, would have a positive effect on the public.


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A historical example showing how important a smiling and positive energizing face is both in business life and in social life in terms of influencing the masses!

Undoubtedly, you need to have healthy and attractive teeth and gums in order to smile freely.

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