smile design

In the global perception of beauty that changes at terrifying speeds, while dental treatments are trying to find their place, a different definition has entered our lives every day. General definitions such as “Hollywood Smile” or “Smile Design” and specific names such as “Bonding” or “Pink Aesthetics” started to get confused.

In fact, dentistry has always been in the field of aesthetics;

1. the completeness and completeness of the teeth

2. to be neatly arranged and properly shaped

3. a science that struggles to be white and clean-looking. In other words, at the end of the processes that try to market yourself with all these fancy names, you will have achieved the completion of the deficiencies in your own teeth, the arrangement of their crooked or irregular shapes, and the whiter colors if you wish.

“Hollywood Smile” or “Smile Design” is offered to you as a single package by the physician, or if you are trying to purchase and reach these treatments in a single package, it is very likely that you will be exposed to very wrong things! Because the factors listed above are items that vary from person to person; In other words, while your teeth are crooked, someone else’s tooth color and caries can create aesthetic problems. In this case, the treatments to be done vary from whitening or aesthetic filling to wire treatment or veneer. If you are in a place that offers the same solution to different problems and the same price, without evaluating these different treatments for you; Unfortunately, there is no cure, you are trying to buy a stereotypical smile with money.

Being dissatisfied with your smile is a changeable situation, but you can achieve this not by liking social media among different phrases, but by your own treatment methods that the physician you trust will present to your problems. Do not agree to be one of the stereotypical skin photos on an instagram profile to protect your health.

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