Smile Design

Smile design is the digital design of the shape and positions of the teeth, gums, lips by taking the whole face into consideration with photographic records, panoramic films and measurements taken from the patient.

Patients who are disturbed by the images caused by the shape, color, shortness and position of the teeth first apply to dentists for laminated restorations. However, correct planning is very important for an aesthetic lamina restoration. At this point, the smile design gives the doctor and the patient a clear information about how to reach the result before the treatment starts. Before starting the treatment, the patient can see how the laminae will look in the mouth and on the whole face with temporary restorations placed without damaging the teeth. Thus, the patient can start the treatment with confidence.

How is Smile Design Made?

With the digital photographs and video recordings that the dentist will take from you, the problems about your teeth, the points you don’t like and your expectations are embodied and the treatment plan is started. At this stage, photos of the smiles you like can be brought with you to help create the treatment frame. The simulations of the restorations to be made are prepared in the computer program, taking into account the facial proportions, soft tissues, shapes of the teeth and the patient’s expectations. Adhering to these simulations, the prototype of the real restoration prepared by the technician in the laboratory is applied to the patient. In this way, photos and videos are recorded again, and the design is reviewed by showing the patient how to smile at the end of the treatment.

Digital imaging is one of the most important stages in aesthetic treatments. For this reason, the dentist’s allocating sufficient time to these procedures eliminates the risk of losing time and money at the end of the treatments you start with aesthetic expectations. Finally, the design, which is also accepted by the patient, is passed to the production stage and the patient gets his new smile.

It covers many treatment methods from smile design, porcelain laminated restorations, zirconia teeth, orthodontic treatment, pink aesthetics, teeth whitening, bonding and implant dental treatment. At the desired point, which components and how much

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