Smile aesthetics and dental implants

In Plastic and Reconstructive Periodontal Surgery, first the cause of the problem is found and the gum disease that occurs in the tissues surrounding the tooth and the associated odor, bleeding and redness are treated. Afterwards, non-functional, i.e. extracted or lost teeth in the wrong place and angle are replaced with dental implants or orthodontic / prosthetics. Finally, with bone transplantation, the level of the bone is brought to the level it should be, and thus its harmony with the surrounding tissues is ensured. Complementing the teeth are the mouth and lips. These cover the teeth during rest and laughter. Aesthetics is also affected by this coverage ratio. During rest, 2.5-4 mm of the upper teeth in women and 1-3 mm in men are considered normal. The gingival level of the upper anterior teeth should follow the upper lip, and the imaginary line connecting the incisors should follow the lower lip. The face should be symmetrical, the midline of the teeth and the line that divides the face into two should be compatible. In addition, the gingiva should not be straight, but indented like lace. It is nice that the front teeth are fully visible along with the 1 mm gingiva during the smile. As this distance increases, it leads to a repulsive appearance. The main causes of gingival smile are; The upper jawbone is too high, the upper teeth are insufficient, and the muscles that lift the upper lip are overactive. The gingival smile, which is seen when the teeth are in their normal size and the lip movement and tone are normal, occurs due to bone height. Normally, orthodontic treatment is required for these, although severe surgical treatment seems necessary in a hospital environment, cosmetic and aesthetic periodontal surgery It is possible to solve this problem in a short time. In addition, the excessive movement of the muscles that pull the lip up can also be regulated by botox application. After the eruption of the upper teeth, the fact that the gingiva is above the place where it should be, or in other words, the teeth appear short, negatively affects the aesthetics. For this, it is possible to increase the size of the teeth and gums to the required level with an operation to increase the apparent length of the tooth. Smile Aesthetics in Gum Diseases and Surgery: Healthy and aesthetic gums; healthy and aesthetic teeth; healthy and aesthetic smiles: HERE IS BEAUTY…

The cavities formed after tooth extraction cause chewing, speech and aesthetic problems. If chewing is not enough, problems begin in the stomach and digestive system. It causes joint pain as a result of the jaw joint not working properly. When it comes to unilateral chewing, it causes one side of the face to collapse and look old. It affects our speech.

A dental implant or dental implant is placed in the bone with our body and bone. extremely compatible titanium screw is the root. After extraction, the bone melts very quickly. As a result, if we cannot find enough bone, it is necessary to perform additional surgeries to regenerate bone. For this reason, dental implants should be placed in the area where the extraction was performed as soon as possible.
Dental implants or dental implants look and feel like natural teeth. anything after a dental implant. You can eat, laugh and talk comfortably.With the application of dental implants, bone resorption stops, the collapse of the face is prevented. youthful appearanceprovides.
Dental implants change your life. You regain the comfort and convenience of eating, talking, laughing and loving life.

Opr.Dr. Demet CAN
Gum Diseases and Surgery Specialist

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