Smile Aesthetics

The appearance of gums when smiling is considered normal up to a few millimeters, but the appearance of more than this amount of gums can spoil the beauty of your smile. By removing the excess gingival part of our patients whose gums appear when they smile, we can give them the smile they desire. Migraine Surgery Migraine pain has a multifactorial etiology and usually occurs as a result of contraction of certain muscle groups in our skull due to excessive nerve stimulation. Migraine pain, which starts from certain trigger points in areas such as the forehead, temple, and nape, can be very severe and negatively affect the social life of the person. In addition to drug therapy, Botox injections to trigger points are increasingly used in migraine treatment today. Migraine surgery can be applied for permanent treatment in patients whose migraine attacks decrease or disappear with botox injection to the trigger points. In migraine surgery, the nerves that stimulate the muscle groups at the trigger points are cut. The procedure is performed with local anesthesia and you are discharged on the same day. Botox Application Botox is our most effective weapon for dynamic (moving) wrinkles on the upper part of our face. By temporarily reducing the movements of the muscles, it reduces the wrinkles formed on the skin with muscle movement, and the average duration of action is 4.5 months. Botox, which is quite safe and has good results, can unfortunately lead to undesirable results in unskilled hands (only 18% of botox applications in Turkey are performed by plastic surgeons). Face Hanger with Thread (Ftc) If there is some sagging and slumping in the cheeks, it is possible to prevent these piles without surgery with hanging threads. It is possible to reduce the accumulation and sagging of the skin by knitting the cheek area with serrated (Cog), spiral and flat yarns like herringbone, the effect of the ropes lasts for about 12 months. Moles Treatment As plastic surgeons, we do not like moles at all and we want to get what we seeJ The vast majority of moles are benign self-limiting lesions, but it is possible for moles to change shape and behavior, whether they are congenital or later. It is necessary to follow or remove moles with irregular borders, asymmetrical, and larger than 6mm containing different colors. Scar treatment While it is not possible to completely remove scars, it is possible to make them thinner and less irritating. With the creams, gels and silicone layers to be used afterwards, the existing scars can become more acceptable. Neck and Jowl Aesthetics Excess fat in the neck and jowl area can become uncomfortable after a while, the chin begins to look smaller than it is, and the side profile sharpness becomes blurred. If your neck is tight, so there is no sagging, but if you are uncomfortable with the appearance of the jowl, the problem can be solved only with liposuction (removal of fat with the help of cannulas), but if there is sagging, we can open it from the lower part of the chin (a place where no one can see) and remove excess skin, even if there is separation in the muscles, if there is a band appearance on the neck We can also tighten the muscles. It is an operation that we can usually do with sedation anesthesia and you can be discharged on the same day. Fat removal (liposuction – lipoplasty) Let’s be clear about this, fat removal is not a weight loss surgery. It is the operation of shaving the protruding contours of our body. The hips, knees, abdomen-waist area and jowl are the most ideal areas for liposuction. If there is sagging in the abdomen or if the abdomen is very loose, sagging will be more pronounced after liposuction (because it will empty), so if there is sagging in the abdomen, we add tummy tuck to liposuction. In loose skin that does not have sagging but has the risk of sagging, laser liposuction prevents the possibility of sagging by tightening the skin.

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