Small Goals & Big Victories

One of the sentences I’ve heard most frequently lately: “I can’t take time for myself, I’m too busy.”

There are many variables under this sentence, such as problem avoidance, difficulty waking up in the morning, lack of motivation, and feelings of inadequacy.

So what’s your excuse? Why can’t you quit smoking or why you want to lose weight and start sports? If you are too busy to do anything for your own mental and physical health, you need to change these habits.

The main point I want to mention is rituals. For example, the ritual of sipping your coffee in your favorite glass 10 minutes before starting work. Even this is taking time for yourself. This habit that you don’t realize while drinking your coffee and planning the rest of your day motivates you.

For example, the ritual of drinking water when you get up in the morning. It’s a ritual that shows your body that you love her and think of her as soon as she wakes up. What could be better quality than a day that starts with self-love?

It seems to me that we are exaggerating this thing of taking time for ourselves. We don’t need to match it with big expectations and activities, and we don’t need to spend time pouring big money. We complain about working life and mental fatigue, saying, “I want to do something for myself, but I don’t have time”.

The summary of the situation is this: “I take time for myself every day because it gives me the ability to concentrate on everything else.” to be able to say.

If we can make this thought our way of life, we will spare time for ourselves in the most effortless but most effective way. In the long run, the yield for us is;

  • Regeneration

  • Continuous Improvement

  • Balance

  • It would be high motivation.

Small goals, daily plans and habits are a way to improve our physical and mental health to be good to ourselves. Let’s leave the past behind and start a new day and set small programs, small goals. While you enjoy reaching big goals, remember that you have passed through these small goals!

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