Slimming with Glycemic Index Values

The glycemic index of a food or carbohydrate is its ability to raise blood sugar and provide hunger-fullness control. It is possible to lose weight by following the glycemic index values. Carbohydrates have a high glycemic index because they mix with the blood faster than other nutrients.

Also as a reference 100 grams white bread is taken. The lower the glycemic index, the longer the consumed food mixes with the blood and raises the sugar level in the blood much more. Whether it’s a weight loss diet or a healthy diet, the goal is to choose the appropriate carbohydrate source and consume foods.

The benefits of consuming foods with a low glycemic index;

1. It prevents you from getting hungry by giving a feeling of fullness.
It has a preventive effect on diabetes because it reduces insulin secretion.
They reduce fat storage by causing less insulin release in the body.
4. Contributes to muscle development by reducing body weight.
It has been proven that those fed with low glycemic index foods have lower blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

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