Sleep habits in children

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The realization of a comfortable and peaceful sleep depends on physical and mental relaxation. Family support may be needed to prepare a child psychologically for sleep. Since the concept of clock and time is not in the foreground in the child’s life, the necessary conditions for sleep should be created by the parents as the bedtime approaches. The child should not play games that require intense movement before going to sleep, if the television is watched at home, the sound should be turned down, and a dim environment should be created by using a night lamp in the room where they will sleep. It should be ensured that the child relieves the tension before sleep. For this, the child can be given a warm bath before going to bed. You can drink a warm milk before going to bed. Sleep preparation can be completed by listening to relaxing music with mom and dad before bed or reading a few pages of storybooks.

The determined sleep time should be followed regularly, and care should be taken not to change the place where the child will sleep frequently. If the family has gone to visit, they should be careful not to stay in the place where they go until late, and they should adjust their plan according to their child. As with other basic habits, attention should be paid to displaying a consistent and determined attitude about sleep. From the age of 3, the child should start to sleep in his own room and bed. It is a known fact that children who are 6 years old and still share the same bed with their parents have problems with autonomy.

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