Skin tumors – moles and malignant melanoma

Skin Tumors – Moles and Malignant Melanoma

Exposure to sunlight for a long time, decrease in the ozone layer in the atmosphere and hereditary factors cause skin tumors to form. The incidence of skin tumors, moles and malignant melanoma is increasing. Malignant melanoma is one of the worst tumors seen in our body. Because when this tumor is very small, it spreads to distant areas (metastasis) and rapidly envelops the body and causes death.

Since skin tumors can be easily diagnosed, early treatment and recovery can be very good. In case of bleeding and non-healing wounds, bleeding, itching, discoloration and growth in moles, a specialist physician (plastic surgeon or dermatologist) should be seen.

Skin tumors and moles are very easy to remove. This event is described as “easier than tooth extraction”. After the area is anesthetized with local anesthetic in the hospital, the lesion is removed following aesthetic principles. The preparation is examined by a qualified pathologist.

Sometimes simple moles and malignant melanoma can be confused in appearance. Therefore, examination and treatment by an experienced physician is vital.

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