Skin tightening with wax

Microstimulation Method (MUM)It is the application of numerous micro-mechanical stimulations periodically (at certain time intervals) to the areas where the skin loses its elasticity and stretches and shows loosening and sagging.

CANDLE Depending on the width of the application area, the number of microstimulations can be from a few hundred thousand to several million.

The application interval (session intervals) is 4-6 weeks, and it can be applied as 4-6 sessions depending on the tightening response of the area.

CANDLE In order to accelerate and increase the tightening response of the skin in the applied area, CANDLE locally and systemically supported by a number of factors.

CANDLE Tightening with skin laxity and sagging can be applied to all body parts. Main body areas where it can be applied; face, around the eyes, chin and jowl area, neck area, décolleté area, back, hands, arms, abdomen, thighs, around the knees, buttocks and genital area (private area).

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