skin spots

Skin spots; During pregnancy, in the use of birth control pills, with increasing age (back of the hand, chest, neck and face…), on the face and décolleté after sunburns, after deodorant and perfume applications (in areas such as armpits, neck), after incorrect applications in tattoo removal, some In systemic diseases (such as kidney and diabetes…) and hormone treatments, it shows up as discoloration on the skin by region. Thyroid diseases can often be seen in people with sunspots. Those with definite sunspots have a history of intense sun exposure in childhood, adolescence or adolescence. People who play on the street in their childhood receive intense sun damage to their skin without realizing it. In other words, frequent exposure of your face to the sun in the first childhood and adolescence may cause damage to the skin and cause staining in the future.

Sunspots tend to darken in the summer months and after tanning. People with these spots should always use broad-spectrum sunscreen products and stay away from artificial light sources such as solariums. Those who suffer from sunspots should use sunscreen products with a factor of at least 30 every 4 hours during the day, in summer and winter, on a regular basis. In addition, even when using sunscreen, one should not be exposed to too much direct sun, care should be taken to stay in the shade, and a hat and glasses should be worn. Those with blemishes can use a foundation or powder that matches their skin color on a concealer base. These concealers must contain sunscreen ingredients. Thus, both the spots are closed and the treatment is supported. Those with blemishes should definitely protect their facial areas from the sun in summer and winter.

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