Skin Spot Treatment

Brown spots fade with continued and careful use of broad spectrum sunscreens. Regular use of some stain removal creams also helps. These creams contain antioxidants such as hydroquinone and alpha hydroxy acid, vitamin C, retinoic acid, azelaic acid. However, brown spots can be treated effectively and quickly with chemical peels, cryotherapy and some lasers.

Stains can be treated with Fruit Acid and Antiaging Peelings, Hydrabeauty, GRP, Gold Needle Fractional Radiofrequency treatments and Sensitive Stain Formulas developed by our Specialist Aslıhan Güven. Very superficial peeling techniques are not very irritating and do not waste time, but several treatment sessions may be required. Unfortunately, post-treatment spots can sometimes get worse. A constant sun protection is definitely necessary, because these spots can recur in the summer. If there is a suspicion of cancer in a brown spot, your dermatologist can perform dermoscopic examination and photographing or surgically remove the spot; may choose to send it for pathological examination. Fungal spots called pitriasis versicolor are treated with medications that are rubbed or taken orally.

Topical treatments can be in the form of shampoos, creams and lotions applied to the skin. Many oral treatments successfully treat pitriasis versicolor. However, because of their side effects and interactions with other drugs, these drugs should be used under the control of dermatologists. Cortisone creams and moisturizers are used in the treatment of pitriasis alba.

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