Skin Rejuvenation with PRP

Developed by the French and called mesojuvination; The method that the Americans process as PRP (Plasma Rich Platelet Injection); has opened a new era in skin rejuvenation.
Serum obtained from the person’s own blood by centrifugation technique; The part rich in growth factors and platelets is separated and applied to the entire face, neck and décolleté skin with a mesotherapy device.
In this method, no foreign substances, drugs, etc. are applied to the skin, only fresh cells and growth factors obtained from the person’s own blood are given to the skin. It has no side effects such as facial swelling, redness, bruising, inhibition of mimic movements, and allergies.

The method is 3 sessions per year; It is applied at 1-month intervals. At the end of the 3-session application, the skin age of the person becomes younger by at least 5 years and this positive effect is made by the skin of the person himself. With growth factors, the skin is revitalized and intensively produces collagen again. The sagging, wrinkles, large pores on your skin are corrected and thus you have a lively, bright and taut skin with the PRP technique.
It is the collagen layer of our skin that gives our skin its thickness, strength and firmness. Every decade, our skin loses approximately 10% of its collagen. For example, if we are forty, it means that we have lost 40% of our collagen. This means that the thickness of our skin is reduced by 40%. Thus, the supporting tissue of our skin decreases, wrinkles and sagging occur. All of the antiaging methods (anti-aging methods) are aimed at increasing the skin’s collagen production.

The PRP method has been a miracle of medicine in this regard; Thanks to this method, which makes use of a person’s blood cell, it has been a solution to unsolved issues in many medical fields. For example, tooth loss due to gingival recession in the field of dentistry can now be saved with the PRP method. In this way, the body can regenerate gums. Similarly, with microinjections applied with plasma (PRP) rich in growth factor and DNA activator of the blood we apply to the skin, the skin produces collagen again and strengthens the support tissue. In this way, you have a tighter, younger and fresher skin.

Before the session, 10 cc of blood is taken and rested in our laboratory in special kit tubes. In the meantime, the area to be treated is anesthetized with our local effective anesthetic cream. Your blood, which has been rested in kit tubes, is processed in a special centrifuge device at fast speed. After the centrifugation process, the plasma of your blood rich in platelets and growth factors is separated. Finally, the DNA activator, which activates the cell DNA, is added. So your PRP is ready. A painless application is made with the U225 device with the microinjection technique to your skin around the eyes, entire face and neck. After the age of 35 at the latest, sagging of the skin begins. I recommend everyone to have at least 2 sessions of PRP per year for anti-aging treatment with the age of 35 at the latest.

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