Skin Care and Chemical Peeling

Skin care
Taking care of the cleanliness and care of our skin, not only in terms of aesthetics but also in terms of health,
It is very useful in terms of preventing problems such as wrinkles and deformation that will occur as the disease progresses.
Otherwise, UV rays, make-up, free radicals, smoking, stress, weather changes and malnutrition
It affects our skin negatively and causes us to look tired and pale despite our young age.
It is possible. The vitality, brightness and vitality of our skin are among the most important health indicators. So the 20’s
Skin care once a month for cleaning, care and protection for every woman and man from the ages
it is very useful to do.

What is chemical peeling?
Every skin is affected by external factors. Factors such as sunlight, stress, hot and cold weather changes, premature skin
causes aging. Chemical peeling, lines caused by premature skin aging, pigmentation
on the damaged upper part of the skin made with chemicals to remove irregularities and acne scars.
It is the process of removing dead cells. Different chemical substances in chemical peeling applications
is used.
Depending on the material used, superficial, medium and deep peeling can be done.

In which situations is chemical peeling used?
– Removal of wrinkles and fine lines,
– Closing open pores on the skin,
– In the removal of pregnancy, old age, and sunspots,
– Delaying the effects of aging,
– In the treatment of acne (pimples),
– It is used in the treatment of clums (traces after the healing of acne).
– Chemical peeling for reducing excessive oil secretion on the skin and removing age spots on the hands
treatment is applied. Chemical peeling; those with active infection at the application site and pregnant
It is not suitable for women.

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