Skin care

In addition to being a protection shield against the outside world, our skin is the most constantly renewing itself.
It is our largest organ. Our skin being smooth, lively and bright is an indicator of health and beauty. Appropriate
The skin, which is properly cleaned and moisturized, repairs and renews itself better. Therefore, our skin
We should not neglect basic care. By determining the skin type, skin care performed at periodic intervals
and helps to preserve our beauty. Protective skin care can be done on problem-free skin.
On the other hand, if we started to see roughness or black spots on our skin, if our oiliness increased,
if pimples appear, spots have started to appear, if they have lost their former brightness and vitality, wrinkles
If it starts to become evident, a dermatologist should be consulted and appropriate care programs should be followed.
We should get information about it.

In professional skin care applications, the purpose is to remove dead cells from the skin, sebum and
to purify, moisturize and maintain dirt. Properly cleaned and moistened,
The skin, which is purified from toxins, breathes, revitalizes and renews. In addition, such as the recently developed Aquapeel
skin care systems can provide very effective deep cleaning and massage application.
These skin care programs, accompanied by professional products and devices, take approximately 1-1.5 hours.
With the help of advanced devices and products, this time can be reduced to 30-40 minutes. used in skin care
The products are determined according to the skin type of the person. For example, water-based products with different properties for acne and oily skin
More intense products and serums can be used on dry skin. of the products used
It is important that they are professional products and that the practitioner is experienced in this regard.

Skin care with dermocosmetic professional products can be defined in various ways.

acne skin care
oily skin care
Normal skin care
Sensitive skin care
dry skin care
Skin care against sagging and wrinkles
Skin care for blemished skin
Skin balancing skin care etc.
After the care to be made is defined according to the skin type, the product group to be applied is determined accordingly. Each
The product has a separate application technique and order, and this order is carefully followed by the applicator.
In addition, as the products are applied to the skin during the care, blood and lymph circulation can be improved with various massage techniques.
is accelerated. Oxygenation of the skin, which is purified from dead cells and sebum, accelerates circulation, and
nutrition increases.

The age of the person to be treated is also important in choosing the appropriate care. More for young problem-free skin
While soft treatments are preferred, basic care is once a month for problem-free skin after 25 years of age.
can be done. However, in people aged 40 and over, the amount of collagen and elastin in the skin decreases, skin elasticity decreases.
began to lose, sag and form wrinkles. In this age group, anti-aging is more
Intensive care may be required.

With regular care, the skin will look more moist, bright and lively. skin made periodically
care, to reduce the effects of aging, to restore the youth and beauty of your skin before problems occur.
It helps to protect and reduce the need for medical intervention. I wish you healthy days.

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