Skin care

Skin Care is a deep care process suitable for the needs of the skin, which should be applied by skin care specialists with professional products suitable for the skin structure of the person. If the right application is made according to the skin type, many positive effects can be seen on the skin. Skin care applications should be carried out by professionals trained in this field. Otherwise, it may cause irreparable problems.

As a result of the right skin care

As a result of the correct skin care application;

Your skin gains moisture

Fine wrinkles are removed

Acne – clears from acne

Stains are removed

Aging effects are reduced

Sagging decreases

Over-opened pores disappear

Excessively oily, dry skin is brought back to normal

Blackheads are removed

With the application of antioxidant mask, your skin’s immune system is strengthened.

Professional Skin Care Services

Chemical Peel

Chemical peeling; It is a peeling process to reveal the fresh skin under the dead skin and to remove the spots and scars on the skin. In this process, a chemical medicine containing the acids of fruit extracts and salicylic acid is applied on the skin. After the procedure, during the healing process, it is aimed to peel the upper dead skin and remove the fresh and smooth skin below.

After cleaning and purifying the skin, the chemical drug is fed to the skin with the help of a brush. The drug, which is kept on the skin for a certain period of time, is cleaned when the time expires. After the cleaning process is completed, the skin is massaged with a suitable moisturizer and serum. Finally, the process is completed by applying a suitable sunscreen cream to the skin. During the healing process, sun protection is very important. A new session cannot be applied before the healing process is completed.

Chemical Peeling is done to remove the problems such as superficial wrinkles, black spots, shallow scars, spots, pigment changes on the dead skin by peeling the dead skin. Pain or pain is not felt during the procedure. As the medicine begins to activate, a slight itching or burning sensation on the skin may be experienced. The number of sessions to be applied is completely proportional to the problem in the skin.

Carbon Peeling

As the first step in the Carbon Peeling process, the skin surface is covered with a carbon mask. Carbon ensures that the energy required in laser application is concentrated at maximum height on the epidermis, the upper surface of the skin. In addition, when the carbon mask interacts with the laser, it destroys the problematic part of the upper layer of the skin.

The Carbon Peeling process triggers the production of collagen in the skin and provides the development of its elasticity. While the application is completed in as little as 15 minutes, it does not cause a situation that will interfere with your daily life.

In the process used especially in the care of acne and large pores, the applied carbon is placed well into the pores with microsecond pulses and these points are turned into targets. These parts are then completely blasted and cleaned with the pulses to be made. Immediately after the application, it is possible to see that the skin, on which carbon peeling is applied, shines noticeably.

With Carbon Peeling, the impaired oil balance of the skin is also corrected. Frequent make-up in modern life means clogging of pores and disruption of oil balance. Although the skin is cleaned daily, it is also necessary to clean it deeply.


HydraFacial; It is an “anti-aging” care system that can be applied to all skin types and meets the moisture and care needs of the skin. The procedure is performed only by vacuuming method and the person does not feel any pain. Due to the acceleration of blood circulation in the skin, it is possible to feel a tingling in the skin towards the end of the procedure. This vacuuming process takes 20-30 minutes according to the needs of the skin, and during this time, a deep care is provided by reaching the lowest level of the skin.

With the “vortex” technology used in this process, the skin; dead cells, black spots, excess oil secretion is purified. Skin problems such as fine lines, skin tone irregularities and blemishes are eliminated by using serums suitable for the problem of the skin. At the same time, solutions containing hyaluronic acid, peptides and antioxidants are given to the skin, protecting the skin and making it look more vibrant, bright and youthful. With the vacuuming system, serums suitable for the solution of various skin problems are given directly under the skin.


It is a preferred application to reduce the clarity of enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles, lines caused by smoking around the mouth, tighten the skin and reduce the effect of stains.

The micro-needle system applied to the Chinese princesses in ancient times has survived until today with the combination of modern medicine. It can be applied to any skin type. It is applied for problems such as acne-burn scars, skin blemishes and cracks, under-eye bruises, anti-aging care, cellulite and thinning and even hair loss removal.

There is a risk of skin irritation if not applied by experts. Correct needle size and correct application should be made.

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