Skin care

Skin care is performed by the esthetician in a clean environment using professional products and tools. A care protocol suitable for the skin type such as cleansing, moisturizing, nourishing, renewing and oxygenating the skin is determined. When skin care is mentioned, home care with creams should not come to mind only.

There are many negative factors that affect our skin such as make-up, stress, smoking, alcohol, bad weather conditions and wrong product choices. These cause the skin to look pale, unhealthy and dull. The aim of skin care should be to clean the dead layer on the skin surface, to allow the skin to breathe easily, to obtain a healthier, moisture-balanced pores, and healthy skin texture. When the right products are used on a skin with clear pores, penetration under the tissue becomes easier and we get closer to the desired result faster and delay the aging process.

The basic principle in skin care; It is to purify the skin surface from dead skin without being deep, to clean its pores, to get rid of its matte appearance and to allow it to breathe. During the procedure, additional support is provided to the skin by using professional care products suitable for the skin structure.

The maintenance process consists of many successive stages. Process steps applied by giving importance to the protection of skin hygiene;

– Cleaning with a cleanser suitable for skin type

– Massage with nourishing creams with steam

– Peeling

– Pore cleaning with vacuum and clinex method

– Skin disinfection with a special device (to prevent acne formation)

– Air massage to regulate lymph and blood circulation

– Mask suitable for skin structure

– Finally, the daily eye area and face care cream is applied together with the sunscreen, and the process is terminated.

In line with the needs of the skin, anti-aging bulbs and masks that create a lifting effect through heat with anti-aging effect are added to these steps, and anti-aging treatments are also applied.

If skin care is done regularly once a month, the skin looks healthier, more vibrant and bright. Since the pores are cleaned regularly, acne and blackhead formations, especially in the nose area, are prevented. Skin quality improves. The skin will have a healthy basis for further procedures.

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