Skin Aging


Just like the face, the hands are a highly visible part of the body that undergoes visible aging through environmental conditions such as sun exposure, smoking, and volume reduction.

Atrophy of the fat deposits along with the thinning of the overlying skin causes the underlying tendons, bones and veins to become visible.

Hands age at approximately the same rate as the face, and many patients who already receive facial injections seek hand rejuvenation to balance the younger appearance of their face with younger-looking hands.


The eye area is one of the earliest areas of aging due to its anatomically thin skin structure and a frequently used organ such as the eye.

under the eyes; pit formation, loss of elasticity in the skin, genetic bruises and vascular bruises occur.

Problems such as drooping of the upper eyelid and excess skin occur over time.

With non-surgical procedures; While under-eye cupping and skin bruising can be treated, the problem usually requires surgical solution according to the degree of sagging in the upper eyelid.

Periorbital rejuvenation requires a careful understanding of the interaction between the eyelids, brow, forehead and midface.

Reversing the signs of periorbital aging requires correction of volume loss, soft tissue sagging, and skin changes.


The lips are the focal point of the face; however, its effects on aesthetic proportions and perceived facial beauty have not yet been fully defined.

Perioral aging is highly individual, with several distinct and often simultaneous processes contributing to changes in the lip contour and surface.


Skin Aging It is the holistic effect of internal and external factors. Among external factors, the negative effect of solar radiation (UV) on skin health has been clearly identified in many studies.

Why Does Skin Aging Occur?

Damage factors beyond the sun, such as smoking and air pollution, have also been examined and considered in extrinsic aging.

Studies have shown a clear relationship between these factors and the appearance of blemishes and wrinkles.

Both of these factors contribute to aging through a common mechanism called oxidative stress, which has a negative impact on cellular processes such as DNA replication.

In addition to the ultraviolet (UV) region of solar radiation that contributes to cellular injury, visible radiation has an oxidative effect similar to infrared radiation through heat generation.


It has become an important option for minimally invasive aesthetic procedures to reduce facial aging.

Fillers are a cornerstone in the face contouring approach.

But where to start?

Our approach is primarily midface volume restoration. This creates a V shape of the face and contributes to a healthy and youthful appearance.

Midface filler injection does not only improve the cheek(s) area.

It is also one of the combined effects of midface deep filling injections that it activates subcutaneous white adipose tissue stem cells and contributes to longer-term rejuvenation.

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