Sinusitis, Headache or Snoring Problems After Nose Aesthetics

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure preferred by more and more people. Of course, as after every plastic surgery, some complications may occur after rhinoplasty. In this context sinusitis after rhinoplasty Patients wonder whether its formation can be resolved or not. The same is true for post-aesthetic headaches and snoring problems.

Can Sinusitis Be Treated After Nose Aesthetics?

Inflammation in the sinuses around the nose is called sinusitis. The first symptoms of these inflammations on both sides of the nose area are;

  • Postnasal drip

  • nasal congestion

  • Headache

  • feeling of shortness of breath

  • It is a decrease in the sense of smell.

Patients who have sinusitis problems and have rhinoplasty can of course find a solution to this problem with the right treatment methods. However, after rhinoplasty, a second application can be applied by listening to the recommendations of the plastic surgeon. If the person has an acute sinusitis problem, this situation will be resolved with rhinoplasty. In addition, the flesh in the nose can be removed in patients with chronic sinusitis, but a new treatment process can be applied for bone curvature.

Headache After Nose Aesthetics

Headache is a possible complication after rhinoplasty. Pain relief is provided with painkillers that will be prescribed to the patients regarding this process. In addition, complications such as bruising and swelling accompany the headache in the first days. Again headache treatment after rhinoplastyFor this, only painkillers recommended by the surgeon should be used.

Snoring Problems After Nose Aesthetics

In the first examination to be made for patients with snoring problems, the root of the tongue, soft palate and tonsils, especially the nose, are examined. The first treatment method to be applied is to eliminate the problems that may occur in the nose. Thanks to rhinoplasty, congestion in the nose is repaired and the problem of snoring comes to an end. However snoring after rhinoplastyIf the condition persists, treatments for the tonsils and soft palate areas should be applied.

In summary, it should not be forgotten that problems such as headache, snoring or sinusitis will be eliminated after rhinoplasty. If the problems persist, additional treatment methods are applied.

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