Signs of cheating

one- Is your partner more responsive to your demands than before? This may be due to her trying to suppress her feelings of guilt. Excessive interest is an indication that another relationship has just begun.

2- Your partner may start to buy you gifts often. He also makes extra efforts so that you do not deceive this change in him and make you feel better.

3-If your boyfriend, who normally doesn’t like to change his habits, suddenly takes up different hobbies, you may start to get suspicious too.

4- Your partner may start fighting for reasons as soon as they are there. Because it has been observed that 90 percent of cheating men experience emotional confusion and cannot control their reactions. This may cause you to move away from him, or even to leave without ever discussing the issue of being cheated on.

5- Some couples love to talk about topics like “Someday our relationship ends”. If your partner has started talking about these issues, he’s probably measuring how you will react after the breakup. If you pass it off with a very simple answer, remember that you will be kicked out in a possible deception.

6- Your partner may seem depressed all the time. He does this especially when you’re around, but he’ll go out and have fun with his friends when you’re not around. It is inevitable that you will break up or be cheated on as this will undermine your relationship in the long run.

7- When conversations and activities diminish in your relationship, you have lost interest. The first thing you should do is try to communicate with each other. If you can’t fix the situation, it is much better to go the way of leaving than to be cheated on.

8- Monitor your partner’s behavior as they change their musical habits. If he started listening to music he said “I hate”, a new relationship is most likely on the way. Because the person he is trying to achieve is a close follower of this type of music.

9- Your partner suddenly started liking himself. This doesn’t mean he’s starting a new relationship, it just means you’re not good enough for him! Your partner, who is overly arrogant and starts to humiliate you, will disappear as soon as he finds the person who will meet his wishes!

10- If your partner has started comparing you or your relationship with others, the situation is getting worse. This situation requires you to pay more attention to it. If you can’t feel it, he may even be cheating on you right now. Do not forget that a person whose eyes see no one but you does not compare!

11th-If your partner compares himself to others and asks questions such as “Which of us is more beautiful/handsome”, “Which of us is more attractive”, it means that he has started to get bored of you and has lost all interest.

12- Your partner can immediately become defensive in any of your comments. It can also do this cruelly and by hurting you.

13- Your partner may not be paying attention to you. Of course, coming home late, violating the secret rules at home and neglecting children (if any) are also the biggest indicators of this.

14-Your partner often has nightmares while sleeping, is sleep deprived, or does not sleep with you like he used to.

15-Your partner stops making good comments about your appearance.

16-One-sided “I love you”s begin or this sentence is out of circulation.

17-If your partner feels guilty when you do him a favor or surprise, it indicates that he has lost interest in you but can’t stand your attention to him.

18- You are as sure as your name that your partner is cheating on you, but you can’t find any proof. If he is destroying the evidence, he is on an irreversible path and does not want to lose you.

19-Your partner has suddenly started spending more time with their friends.

20-It’s as if your partner has sworn not to talk about the future of your relationship… It means that he either doesn’t plan for the future or doesn’t look forward to a future plan that you are also in.

21-He stopped being kind to you.

22-Your partner is more committed to reading and watching TV than engaging with you.

23- If your partner is citing problems with friends, problems with neighbors, classes, co-workers at work as the reason for not having sex with you, run away. You’ve never been a priority anyway!

24-Your partner has started to make untimely words that will hurt you, to make jokes that only seem funny to him…

25- Your partner, who puts an emotional distance between you, says that as you question the situation, he also has a private life and you should respect it. As it is inevitable that he will cheat on you, it is also possible that you will break up after a pointless fight.

26-Your partner is talking about other male/female names in his dream…

27- When your partner gets up in the morning, he is restless, looks around pointlessly and does not speak for a while, know that he is trying to figure out which room he woke up in! After all, it could be his mother’s room, yours, or someone else’s room. His only concern is to understand where he is in order not to break the pot.

28- Your partner’s overly harsh behavior even attracts the attention of your friends, and they often ask “What’s wrong?” Don’t underestimate their reactions. Close friends and family members may approach your relationship more objectively than you.

29-Recently, he started to misunderstand the questions you keep repeating and react as “Are you controlling me”…

30- If your partner has started closing doors, you may start brooding too. People who are sexually attracted and share common living spaces do not use closed doors in their relationships. The door is a symbol, and closing it in your face indicates that you need to get out of your partner’s boundaries.

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