Should rhinoplasty be performed with an open technique or a closed technique?

– The important thing here is which technique the surgeon feels more comfortable with and which technique will be applied to which nose type.
– If your doctor chooses a closed rhinoplasty technique, he or she will make surgical incisions on the inside of the nostrils and leave the scars outside the surface tissues, which makes the scars absolutely invisible from the outside. As a result of the incision made from the tip of the nose in the open rhinoplasty technique, on the tip of the noseThere will be traces.

– Closed technique aesthetic nose operation requires the surgeon’s aesthetic visual ability, experience and strong anatomical knowledge.
– After a careful examination, your doctor will decide on the aesthetic nose operation in the closed technique, if you are a suitable candidate to achieve the desired effect and the most suitable for you.
There are multiple reasons to prefer closed rhinoplasty operation over open rhinoplasty operation in rhinoplasty.
1. Minimal risk of infection,
3. No scar visible when viewed from the outside,
4. Less edema and bruising,
5. Faster healing process,
-Only in some cases, such as severe nasal traumas, deformities or revision operations, the closed rhinoplasty technique may not be suitable and your plastic surgeon may recommend an open rhinoplasty operation to you.
Dr. Current Ozturk
Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist

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