Should I Go If My Counselor Refers Me To A Psychiatrist?

According to the World Health Organization, health is ‘a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being’.
defines as.
People generally go to psychiatry because of the shame and suppression (stigma) felt in the society.
They hesitate and avoid consulting their physicians. Therefore, only 13% of patients
able to receive and maintain treatment. However, psychiatric diseases can be treated.
are sick.
Maybe ; we think that only in behaviors harmful to society can go to a doctor.
We may be afraid of ourselves and our relatives going to psychiatry for this reason.
We may have forgotten that being sick enough to harm oneself and society is among the last symptoms of mental illnesses, and that we need to be treated to prevent it.
In diseases belonging to any branch, to think the worst and be protected, or to worry and early.
Although we go to the doctor for treatment, we do not want help in spiritual matters related to ourselves.
we can’t think or we always postpone…
However, we believe that even diseases that have simple solutions such as stress and depression persist for a long time.
It can harm the body health by affecting the immune and nervous system; many bodily
We do not remember that stress should be reduced in order to prevent chronic pain, rheumatic diseases, skin diseases, high blood pressure, heart attack, diabetes, asthma, stomach complaints, obesity, sexual problems and even cancer.
In addition, people with chronic (continuous) diseases ‘these are all stress’, absolutely
We have surely heard of those who advise a friend that you need psychiatric support. We have observed that being a relative of a chronic patient is not easy, both physically and psychologically, and that the caregiver is often more depressed than the patient.
Mental illnesses affect the ability to work, interpersonal relationships, as well as physical illnesses.
by breaking; It causes social and economic problems in areas such as family, friends and work.
It can cause loss in size and cause more harm to the person and even to the environment.
Even though we forgot to take care of ourselves in the busy pace of life; our bodies are different
He will definitely take us to the doctor by giving symptoms. Just like when using sugar pills during internal medicine
If someone who lost their foot from diabetes is also waiting, or if they have just had a stroke in the neurology department.
We need to normalize going to the psychiatrist, as it does not go away, it is a punishment, a sanction.
We shouldn’t see it as a luxury.
* Disruption of our sleep patterns, thoughts preventing us from falling asleep, waking up tired
* Loss of energy, difficulty concentrating, lack of attention, forgetfulness, deterioration in memory
* Frequent crying or laughing, anxiety, fears starting to affect our lives
* Changes in mood, mood changes

* Absence from school, not being able to go to work
* Suicidal Thoughts
* Jealousy, cheating, etc. relationship problems
*Repetitive behaviors, tics
* Depressed mood, changes in appetite and weight, introversion, decreased self-care
* Job change, economic losses, debts
* Addictions such as gambling, betting, alcohol, substance, internet
* Sudden change in body image, excessive increase in self-care, acceleration of energy and thoughts
Thoughts like I’m being followed, I’m being watched, I’m special, everybody’s talking about me
* Increase or decrease in religious pursuits
* Negativities in friends, family, business life
* Violent behavior and anger problems
*Hearing sound or seeing images

It should be noted that; Just tell you whether one or more of these symptoms are a disease.
your psychiatrist can tell you. You should go to a psychiatrist and get counseling.
does not prevent it, on the contrary, it can provide you with an easier result.
Most of the time, your consultants will be able to direct you to the necessary specialist and help you to comply with your medication.
Inform your doctor about your treatment when necessary, helping you to
will be able to provide.
In addition, drug treatment in mental illnesses is one of the sine qua non of recovery, and you can only do this.
your doctor can provide. Together with your medicines, we can prevent the harm that your disease will cause you and cooperate with your doctor when necessary.
Because ; will be able to carefully evaluate your counseling process holistically, when necessary
Coping skills of you and the people living with you, who can refer you to the relevant physician.
It is recommended that you plan with experienced counselors who have received the necessary training on mental illnesses that can improve your social cohesion.

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