Shingles is a disease caused by a virus called herpes zoster. Herpes zoster virus,
It occurs as a result of inflammation of the nerve endings.

Shingles is a painful disease that can be seen at any age. By supplying the virus from a nerve originating from the spinal cord
occurs. The herpes zoster virus can lie dormant for years in people who have had chickenpox. Generally
It occurs when the immune system is weakened, insomnia, extreme fatigue, and stress. first sign
very severe pain, weakness and rashes. Shingles can be noticed on the skin without a doctor’s control.
can be done. Redness and blisters on the skin, severe pain, burning, headache, high fever, weakness, fatigue
is seen.

Depending on the body’s resistance, the disease can last up to two weeks. The pain may also last much longer.
Young people and children get shingles more quickly. However, the recovery process is slower in older people.
is long. Shingles, which causes severe pain in the elderly, is also called night burn among the people.
Shingles does not recur in a healthy individual with a strong immune system. Just like chickenpox once
it is lived. Rest is very important in the process of treating shingles. immune system
Bed rest and fluid intake should be considered for recovery. The first year after the onset of shingles
A faster recovery is seen when treatment with antiviral drugs is started within two days.
has been observed. Medications prescribed by the doctor for skin irritation should be used with caution. pain used
The severity of the pain can be reduced a little more with pain relievers.

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