Sexuality makes women sick in Turkey

Sexual diseases, which become widespread due to unprotected sexual intercourse, affect women the most. To protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases, it is absolutely necessary to use a condom during intercourse.

The age of having sexual intercourse has decreased, the diseases have skyrocketed.

The decrease in the age of entry to sexuality and the increase in polygamy in Turkey caused an explosion in sexual diseases. Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist Op. Dr. Aykut Coşkun on the subject: Women with unprotected sexual intercourse; “HIV (AIDS), HPV (genital warts and cervical cancer virus), herpes (genital herpes), syphilis, hepatitis B, gonorrhea (gonorrhea), chancroid (soft wound), granuloma inguinale, mycoplasma, ureoplasma, chlamydia It is faced with many contagious infections such as molluscum, pubic lice and scabies. All of these infections are transmitted through sexual intercourse and cause systemic diseases ranging from chronic pelvic infections to chronic pelvic pain, from infertility to cancer of the cervix, vagina and vulva, hepatitis B virus to liver cirrhosis, HIV virus and AIDS. In addition, women affected by these infectious agents also assume the role of active contagion. In men; genital warts, penile cancer, chronic prostatitis and systemic diseases also cause hepatitis and AIDS.

Babies are born sick

The most striking point is newborn infections. In babies born by vaginal delivery of infected women; syphilis, warts and herpes can be encountered in different parts of their bodies. In addition, they are exposed to systemic infections in all forms of delivery. said.

Kiss. Dr. Aykut Coşkun continued his words as follows: “Today, condoms should cease to be a material used only for birth control, and its real purpose should be adopted as the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.”

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