Sexual Issues

In our society, sexuality is like a feeling of guilt and is seen as a topic that should not be talked about.

For this reason, having sexual experiences is a troublesome process.

In our society; The scarcity of sexuality education and the confidential sale of sexual health products affect sexual development negatively. In order to live a healthy sexual life, it is necessary to receive a healthy sexual education. Otherwise, our sexual life, although it is a negative process, will be in wrong perceptions and we will not be able to provide satisfaction.

Sexual Problems:

Someone who has feelings of guilt towards sexuality; The feeling of pleasure he experiences when he is loved and caressed awakens guilt in him. In such cases, the pleasure problem should be solved by examining the defense mechanisms used by the individual to enjoy sexuality, to feel free and to feel guilty.

Hostility towards Partner:

If he feels hostile, exploited, trapped, or cheated on his partner, he may develop an intense resistance to giving pleasure to his partner. In this case, the other party is sabotaged. The hostile does not allow his partner to warn himself.


Some people feel like they will be rejected if they are not in control of their sexuality. They do not make any demands for themselves. These people can get into obsessive thoughts. Because; They may not find themselves attractive, their spouses do not like to have intercourse, or they may have different thoughts that come to mind during sexual intercourse. Thinking during a relationship is a situation that makes it difficult for a person to focus on their partner.


Individuals who are not self-confident about sexuality; They may be afraid of failing, not getting pleasure, and may feel worthless.

Thanks to the experiences they have gained, individuals can overcome the obstacle to immersing themselves in sexuality.

Finally, a lack of interest in sex can raise deep fears and defenses. It creates unconscious fears in men that touching a woman’s body and enjoying her will harm her. Such fears contain traumas extending to childhood.

Treatment Process:

The negative reaction of any of the partners to sexual interest creates an obstacle for the treatment process. This obstacle must either be cleared or bypassed. If the adverse reaction is mild, simple repetition of the experience and a reassuring discussion is often sufficient to quell the reaction. Worries, such as being harmed during intercourse, often require a psychotherapeutic intervention. Because there is a certain dissolution process for the emergence of the reaction that creates the anxiety.

The problems we experience about sexuality affect our relationship after a while. For this reason, it is useful to be sensitive to sexual problems. Because sex is a physiological need just like food.

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