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Sexual Herbal Products, Sets, Supplements, Formulas

Recently, television and the internet have been flooded with herbal product advertisements. Many patients apply to physicians in the clinic and online.

So what is the truth? Products that are said to be so-called herbal and that are dressed as medicine are being tried to be sold due to lack of control. A new product is added to these products day by day, the number of victims is increasing rapidly, our people are being deceived. Our people are being scammed by saying that it is good for sexual performance, infertility, penis size, premature ejaculation, sperm deficiency and all kinds of ailments..

Sets, supplements, formulas, oils that are said to color your life; It is delivered to you by Turkish marketers from malevolent companies in the USA, the Far East and Europe, with the ambition of making money, by obtaining dealership without research. The limited, very few, insignificant supplementary efficacy of these products reported by scientific and academic circles is ignored and presented under the title of alternative medicine. No mention is made of its possible harmful effects. These effects are not explained to the user. Sacred words such as natural, herbal and medicinal are used. Some active medicinal drugs are sprinkled into herbal products and they are sold at times and times higher prices. Since there are limited institutions in our country that can conduct detailed research on the content of these products, the square is left to these sellers.

Sellers say “your money will be refunded” if you are not satisfied. This may be tempting to you, but if you are not satisfied, you will not find people who will refund your money. In fact, they say to bring a report from the doctor that it does not benefit, because people are bored of telling the doctor about this situation, they close the case. Many patients applied to me to get a report in this way, and they were inspired to report their grievances.

Do not come to this game, also;

  • Remember that those who use these drugs are too late for real treatment.
  • Do not forget that serious health problems are seen in those who use these products.
  • Note that it contains prohibited content that can be deadly.
  • Do not forget that you can buy the substances in the harmless ones of these products, which are sold under the name of so-called medicine, cheaper than the market or herbalist.

Some of these products are approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (this is what they call ministry approval) without any research. Most of them are said to be approved even though they are not approved. Note that these products are not strictly approved by the Ministry of Health.

Dear reader, medicines are already made using natural plant, animal and synthetic resources. You don’t need to search. If it is actually beneficial, scientists will bring these products in drug form and present them to you. Why wouldn’t pharmaceutical companies want to sell a miracle drug that works and make money?

Finally, products whose efficacy and safety have not been scientifically proven are not drugs, they are a way of getting your money.

For more detailed information about these products and their harms, request an appointment with your urologist without hesitation.

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