Sexual Health

According to the World Health Organization (2006), sexual health: “physical,

it is a state of emotional, mental and social well-being; only dysfunction, absence of disease or

not an injury. A positive and respectful attitude towards sexual health, sexuality and sexual relations.

In addition to the approach, enjoyable and safe sexual intercourse is free from coercion, discrimination and violence.

requires the possibility of having experience. Achieving and maintaining sexual health

the sexual rights of all persons must be respected, protected and fulfilled

should be introduced”. women by the World Health Organization.

sexuality is not only an important component of women’s health, but also

declared to be a fundamental human right.

Sexuality is a well-established physiological condition found among species. in animals

because it is based on the interaction between sexuality, nervous, endocrine and genetic factors.

It is a complex issue that can be approached from different perspectives. People are also sexually

behavior is influenced by cultural environments that require dynamic behavioral adaptation. This

Therefore, it secures both features and more complex human-specific functions.

A multi-system interaction is required to receive neuronal effects on sexual behavior

structures are found throughout both the central and peripheral parts of the nervous system.

Human sexuality, psychological, biological, relational and socio-cultural determinants

It is a multi-factor action depending on its integration. sexual response in women

detailed interaction of neuroemotional responses, relational intimacy seeking, and hormonal

has a more complex feature due to dramatic fluctuations in levels.

Sexuality has a high impact on personal well-being. sexual quality of life,

It includes all aspects that result in a satisfying sexuality. This is the quality of sexual life,

only from a disease or condition that may lead to impaired sexual functioning

means there is more. falling in love, having a sexual and romantic relationship, and

includes the ability to feel confident about one’s sexuality. sexual problems,

may be an indicator of impaired sexual quality of life. Also, the general physical

It was determined that functionality, partnership and self-worth affect the quality of sexual life. Additional

attitude towards one’s own body, especially genitals and body image,

has an effect on sexuality.

Qualitatively or quantitatively low sexual function, quality of life

can have a negative impact on life stressors, low

satisfaction, lack of happiness are associated with economic factors.

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