Sexual Dissatisfaction in Women

nymphomania; It is a strong psychopathology, which is called excessive sex addiction that reaches into dissatisfaction, in which sexual feelings and desires almost enslave the person. The term hyperactive sexual desire is used to argue that sexual desire is a singular, fixed and unconscious way of reducing tension.

In fact, taking risks in pursuit of sexuality does not indicate a psychopathology, but the question arises as to why the person makes such a choice. At this point, it is necessary to consider that hyperactive sexual desire is a situation that occurs when a person has no other choice regarding their sexual actions. If a person’s search for sexuality fills his whole life, prevents him from being interested in his job or family, deteriorates his health, affects important social relationships, there is a serious clinical picture. These women, who are not content with a single partner, have more than normal sexual relations and are not selective, generally do not have a permanent relationship. This is a form of addiction, as they cannot overcome the urge to engage in repetitive sexual activities with different partners. A hypersexual woman often engages in sexual relations that are not suitable for her social position, dignity, and environment, and has some sexual relations with people she will not be with throughout her life, and over time she feels guilty about it. It is almost as if they are searching for the dream of the father he once loved. Nymphomaniacs, who lived in a loveless and insecure environment in their childhood, seek the spiritual and bodily warmth they could not find in childhood in spouses who are constantly changing. Therefore, they cannot find true satisfaction. As one of the infallible signs of this childhood insecurity, they constantly need to prove themselves and conquer new men. When personality structures are examined, borderline or narcissistic structure, self-admiration, self-aggrandizement and a dependent personality structure are usually seen. Generally, they are individuals who are quickly demoralized, cannot come to distress and are constantly in search of solving their distress. Their outlook on life is often pessimistic and there is a mood of self-pity. They are often on bad terms with their peers and the only subject they care about is pornography. For a woman, that man’s handsomeness, attractiveness, etc. It doesn’t matter, it’s the action that counts.

Incidence Frequency

It is stated that it is seen in at least three of every 100 women who apply to a doctor in our country. Hypersexuality is generally seen in the 25-50 age group.


  • Childhood lived in a loveless and insecure environment,

  • Periodic experience of pressure-producing restlessness (craving),

  • sexual harassment and rape,

  • Feelings of guilt and sinfulness,

  • mental disorders,

  • genetic factors,

  • organic brain diseases,

  • Irregularities of the endocrine glands, etc.

In addition, years of age in women, mental disorders and depressions caused by hormonal imbalances, some drugs and drugs, vulva eczema, etc. In some cases, hypersexuality behaviors can be observed. Such behaviors are not considered nymphomania, but the normal limits of sexual life are also considered to be exceeded.


The treatment of nymphomania is quite difficult. First of all, it is necessary to create a balanced mood in the clients. To eliminate the problem, treatment with some drugs and then sexual therapy are required. Treatment takes a minimum of 6 months.

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