Sex Therapy

What is Sex Therapy?

sexual therapy; It can be said that it is the general name of the techniques that aim to solve the problems experienced by individuals or couples who have problems in their sexual life. Although sexual therapy does not involve physical contact, it is a comprehensive and scientifically proven field of psychotherapy. Sex Therapists are psychologists or psychiatrists who are trained in sexual therapy and apply cognitive therapy methods.

For which problems can sexual therapy be applied?

Although vaginismus exercises come to mind when sexual therapy is mentioned, sexual therapy goes beyond this. Every woman or man with an active sexual life may experience sexual problems at some point in their life. Common sexual problems can be listed as premature ejaculation, inability to get an erection or its continuation, inability to orgasm, sexual reluctance, vaginismus, painful intercourse, sexual incompatibility between couples. These problems can be of both physiological and psychological origin. Every individual who has these problems can apply for sexual therapy and can benefit from this therapy.

How Long Does Sex Therapy Take?

The ideal therapy duration is 14-16 sessions, once a week. Although the duration varies according to each client, it may be longer or shorter.

Sexual Therapy Process

Sex therapy is a form of therapy with extremely simple and entertaining content. The first two interviews are evaluation interviews. Information about the client’s sexual life to date is obtained. Scales are filled when necessary. After the evaluation interviews, sexual information is first given to the client in the treatment interviews. When necessary, information is provided through visual materials, and in some cases educational videos about sexuality are used. In order to help the cognitive process in the therapy room, the client is given exercises and homework that he can apply at home. Exercises, love games and homework are very enjoyable activities, but they constitute an important part of the sexual therapy process. Therefore, it must be implemented.

It should be known that there is no magic wand in the hands of sexual therapists. For this reason, it is necessary not to wait for the problems to be solved all at once. Every problem has a cause and a solution in the correct analysis of that cause. Although the results of sexual therapy are partly a product of the experience and skill of the therapists, it largely depends on the client’s or couple’s wishes.

Sex therapy can be done with a partner or alone. Individuals with individual problems can apply alone, while couples with problems can apply together. If one of the spouses does not want to be involved in the process, it should not be forced. The spouse who comes to sexual therapy can be taken to the session alone.

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