Sex Therapy

What is sexual therapy?

Sex therapy includes the cognitive and behavioral treatments given to our clients with sexual health problems by obstetricians who have completed their post-specialization training and have received the title of sexual therapists.

What is the frequency of sexual dysfunction?

Sexual dysfunctions are unfortunately very common in our country. This type of health problem is encountered in one out of every 10 women. This situation causes problems in the person himself or in the partner relationship. Some of the problems may develop due to psychological reasons, while others may develop due to physical reasons. On the other hand, problems that develop due to physical causes can also lead to psychological problems after a while.

What are sexual dysfunctions in women?

In women; Sexual reluctance, sexual disgust, sexual arousal disorder, inability to orgasm (anorgasmia), painful sexual intercourse (dyspareunia) and inability to have sexual intercourse (vaginismus) are the most common sexual problems. Sexual reluctance and orgasm problems are the most common sexual problems in women.

What is vaginismus?

Although the main problem in vaginismus is defined as the involuntary contraction of the lower 1/3 of the vagina during sexual intercourse, it is actually in the brain. With the anxiety of feeling pain during sexual intercourse, the woman with vaginismus tightens her vagina uncontrollably as if she is having a panic attack, closes her legs and pushes her partner with her hand, and sexual intercourse becomes impossible. The main fear of a woman with vaginismus is that her vagina is narrow and her hymen will burst, puncture, ache and hurt.

How is vaginismus treated?

Sex therapies are very important in the treatment of vaginismus. Sometimes congenital or acquired anatomical problems can be detected in the genital area. In such cases, first of all, this problem is solved with simple surgical procedures, and then the concerns are relieved with the sexual therapy given.

Do not delay your sexual health problems, do not hesitate to talk about your problems with sexual therapists and consult them.

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