Sex during pregnancy

“Can sexual intercourse harm the unborn baby?” This is a question on the minds of many couples. There is no harm in sexual intercourse during pregnancy, except in some cases. If the pregnancy is going in its normal course, sexual intercourse can be continued until the end of the pregnancy.

There is no harm to the baby during sexual intercourse; because the baby is protected in the amniotic fluid. As long as the cervix is ​​intact, the baby will not be harmed even in severe shaking. Anatomically, it is impossible for the penis to reach close to the baby.

Some pregnant women think that orgasm will trigger labor pains. It is true that the uterus contracts at orgasm, but these contractions are mostly normal and stop again after a few minutes. If it is not time to give birth, the relationship does not trigger it.

Some women may feel fat and ugly during pregnancy. They may act more reluctantly during sex, thinking that their spouses do not like them the way they are. But this belief is unnecessary. Many men find their wives even more attractive in this state.

Sometimes men may experience reluctance problems. This is not because the man doesn’t like his wife, but mostly because of the worry of harming the baby. Talking openly about the spouses’ feelings and fears will help to clear up the problems and misunderstandings in this regard.

Physical intimacy is very important during pregnancy. It doesn’t have to be sexual intercourse in the end. The fact that the pregnant woman does not feel alone and is loved will support her positively in a difficult process such as pregnancy.

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