Severe Nausea Reflex

Nausea reflex; a body-provided method to prevent foreign bodies from entering the throat.
is a defense mechanism. However, the intensity of this reflex varies from person to person.
Some psychological factors and pregnancy may also increase this reflex.
Some people feel very intense nausea and retching while brushing their teeth. This is dental
It may even be so severe that the brush cannot touch your mouth or tongue.
Some suggestions to reduce this reflex;
1- Physiologically, it is not possible to gag while breathing through the nose. the air
If you can focus on giving and receiving through your nose, you can prevent your nausea reflex.
2- While brushing teeth, squeeze the stress ball with your free hand or open it by squeezing your thumb.
try to turn it off.
3- Sensitivity to menthol toothpastes may be higher than others, in different flavors.
Try the pastes. Bubbles formed by the paste can also cause nausea, such
In this case, brushing with just water is better than not brushing at all.
4- Try smaller and softer toothbrushes.
5- Brushing teeth on an empty stomach in the morning or brushing during pregnancy can also be difficult.
Try eating something salty, carrots or yogurt first.
6- Try to distract yourself by listening to music or watching videos.
7- Try using thin and stick-shaped ones instead of long floss. more in your mouth
Fewer fingers or tools can reduce nausea.
Do the best you can and don’t worry about getting sick to my stomach.
work. Stress will make the situation worse.

For the gag reflex that occurs during dental procedures;
1- Breathing through the mouth during the procedure will increase the nausea reflex.
breathe deeply through your nose. If your nose is stuffy, try nasal sprays.
2- Some sprays that cause numbness in the throat area or the local area used by dentists
A small amount of anesthetics also helps during the procedure.
3- Your dentist should not place more than one instrument in your mouth during the procedure,
try not to touch the saliva ejector to your tongue or throat.

4- Try rinsing your mouth with saline solution before the procedure.
5- Sometimes the tension or fear felt during the procedures can also increase the reflex.
Your dentist should pause the procedure, allowing you to rinse your mouth and relax.
should give.
6- To divert your attention, your dentist may talk to you and use a sedative.
can play music.
7- Humming or stretching your legs during difficult procedures such as taking an X-ray
Playing can also work.
8- Your dentist will help you to stand in a more upright position without tilting the chair too much.
should work.

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