Serous and Middle Ear Inflammation in Children

In children, the Eustachian tube, which is located between the nose and the ear and provides ventilation of the ear, is completely intact.
In addition, because it is more horizontal in terms of location, children are more frequently in middle than adults.
ear infections. In cases where the eustachian tube is not working and the eustachian tube is behind the nose
If there is a condition such as adenoid (adenoid tissue) that blocks the opened mouth, middle ear pressure turns negative.
At the end of negative middle ear pressure, serum is drawn into the middle ear from the capillaries in the middle ear.
Thus, fluid forms inside the child’s ear.

This is observed in the vast majority of children. Your child does not hear you when you call,
If he is watching TV closely, you should notice this and consult an ENT specialist. Also, school age
In children, the child’s teacher will warn you. If the doctor tells you that your child has fluid in his ear
Do not be afraid, this liquid has not entered the ear from the outside.

If a child in this situation does not receive the necessary medication, permanent ear problems may develop.
it is inevitable. If the fluid in the middle ear does not go away despite drug treatment, which is the case with recurrent
We understand easily with tympanogram tests.

ear to remove fluid from the child’s both ears and return middle ear pressure to normal.
We draw the membrane and apply a tube from here to the inside. General anesthesia is preferred for this intervention. your child
If accompanying tonsils and or adenoids are present, they can be taken in the same session while the child is asleep.

A tube was inserted in my child’s ear, but how long will these tubes stay?

We usually keep these tubes in the eardrum by following them for 6 months to 1 year depending on the condition. This
These tubes in the child’s ear may fall off on their own before the time is up. Once a month after the surgery
control is required. This relatively easy application can treat many important middle ear diseases and hearing loss.
It is very important in terms of preventing losses.

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