Septum Deviation (Nose Congestion)

Air to the lungs should normally pass through the nose. Thanks to the nasal concha, the air moves through turbulence and together with the mucus in the nose, this air is moistened, heated and cleaned of particles and comes to the lungs. When the nose is blocked, the air is taken from the mouth and reaches the lungs in a dry and cold way. It can cause complaints such as frequent pharyngitis and coughing. The main thing is that it is the cause of snoring, and not breathing comfortably can cause concentration impairment, decreased performance, and physical inadequacy.
Septum deviation= It is the curvature of the formation that separates the two openings of the nose from each other, the front of which is the cartilage behind the bone. It is the most important cause of nasal congestion, snoring and apnea. Surgery is performed after the age of 18. Surgery is not performed as it will damage the growth points of the nose before. It is an operation that takes a short time and the patient can be discharged on the same day. There is no swelling or bruising on the face. A tampon is applied inside the nose. Breathing through the nose is not a luxury, it is a must. And this surgery allows us to breathe through the nose.
Concha hypertrophy = meat on both sides of the nose. Reactionally, they can grow and shrink in cold weather, hot weather, depending on gravity, with drugs. Inhaled air travels by hitting these meats, so they are NEVER TOTALLY REMOVED. Techniques are used in which we remove only the bone inside or partially reduce the meat part. In addition, the process of reducing the tissue by giving radio waves, which we call RADIOFREQUENCY, is a technique we frequently apply.

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