How do you feel when your friend doesn’t keep his promise to you? It’s basically frustration, anger, sadness, insecurity and all sorts of side-emotions. When this situation is repeated more than once, you begin to distrust the other person, look at their behavior with suspicion, and see that your respect for them decreases.

Now you can set the goals, words, etc. that you have set for yourself. think. Of course, when the subject is ourselves, our defense mechanisms work much stronger. E because we need these mechanisms to protect ourselves, to prevent disintegration. Remember the satisfaction you experienced in a long-term or short-term goal you achieved. That moment when you experience the feeling of completeness, satisfaction, happiness, integrity of the self, high self-compassion, increased self-confidence… If it were someone else, you would be proud of him or vice versa. Pride and respect are two high emotions that can unite on a common denominator. You also respect what you are proud of. As you achieve goals, your sense of completeness and self-esteem increase.

Sometimes life doesn’t go as we hoped. It’s either the opposite of what we hoped for, or something less than what we hoped for. But even a little bit seems like it didn’t happen to us. It is very normal to feel negative emotions as well as disappointment when goals and promises are not fulfilled. When these overlap, we convince ourselves that it will always go like this. We do not judge other factors in the reason why the goal is not achieved and we bill ourselves closest to us. So we begin to deal the blows to our self-esteem. It is like the gear of a clock. As we become cruel to ourselves, we move away from compassion, the one who does not receive compassion will disrupt all care, your self-confidence will decrease and your self-esteem will be damaged.

It is very important to know yourself when setting goals. Considering the environmental conditions, every step taken within your own boundaries is a step that will contribute to your self-esteem. Because at the end of the day, the positions realized are the self-respect that consists of your points that you will write down and be proud of. The better you know yourself, the more solid steps you can take, which increases your self-confidence.

The way to know yourself is through care and compassion. It is the right of your body and mind to listen, focus on the moment, hear the desires, love, and turn to the needs. When you meet these, you start to discover your limits. I say you start because self-discovery is the most enjoyable, adventurous meaning of life. It lasts a lifetime. This is such an effort that it never gets bored, and every emotion transferred from experience to experience is very valuable. It is compassionate because it is valuable. The important thing is to be respected. He is valued. It requires care. Being aware of all these is the most important thing.

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