Self-Healing Studies

Do your self-care routinely:You should take care of yourself, love yourself, respect yourself, take care of your body and soul. If you take care of yourself, your soul will heal faster.

Read self-help books that will give you peace of mind:Personal development books increase your motivation. Your perspective on life expands, caresses your soul and contributes to what you need to do.

Do something for yourself once a day:If you have no idea what you can do, as a preliminary idea, take whatever chocolate you like and eat it, if your always favorite to have a cup of coffee is drink it at the same hour, put on a cheerful song, put on your headphones and take a short walk, have a snack at home and sit outside on a bench and eat. Do not see your financial means as an obstacle to do something for yourself. You can also do something for yourself with what you have at hand.

Take care of animals (stray animals would be the best choice):Taking care of animals, loving them, feeding them, doing something for them is the best motivation. If you make the animals on the street happy with a bowl of food, a bowl of water and a blanket to warm them, that gloom in your soul will be peaceful. A little help will save you and your life. It will lead to other emotions.

Discover your talent and improve yourself in that area:Every person has a talent, the important thing is to discover it. Improve yourself in that area in which you are better. As you improve yourself in that area, your self-confidence will increase, you will take a more solid stance towards life, and you will feel that you are a successful person, out of uselessness. every person feels useless, unsuccessful, anxious and discouraged.

Fix sleep pattern:When you correct your sleep pattern, you will be more productive. A person who is sleepless and sleepy during the day will definitely become depressed after a while. Sleep at night, wake up early in the day and take care of all your work.

When you feel bad, write on the paper and burn the paper: Was there an event that upset you that day, whatever happened that upset you, get away from there and go to your room, write your current feelings on paper and burn them. This meditation will take away your feelings. Whatever you have experienced, you will feel relieved by writing down your feelings from the event you have experienced and throwing it on paper, and by burning it, you will feel relieved.

If you do these things routinely, it will become a habit and you will say hello to life from a very different window as you heal and renew yourself.

Erengul EZGIN

Family and Child Development Counselor

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