self esteem

If we take it in its simplest form, self-esteem; We can say that a person values ​​himself, cares about his needs and respects himself. Although the concepts of self-esteem and self-confidence are close to each other, they express different situations. The way to be self-confident is to have high self-esteem.

Self-confidence can be defined as the belief that one can solve the problems that one may encounter. The reactions we receive from the outside, our experiences, thoughts, genetic characteristics, etc. are important factors in the formation of our self-confidence. However, self-esteem is a state of acceptance and peace that a person defines within himself. Self-esteem builds on feelings of competence and worthiness. As the person’s perception of competence and worthiness increases in a positive way, self-esteem also increases. Jung ” If you want to be happy, know your limits and accept them.“He talked about the basics of self-esteem.

People with High Self-Esteem

  • They accept themselves with their good and bad sides and focus on their good side.

  • They leave room for error and error. They learn from their mistakes and move on.

  • Shows an appreciative and supportive attitude towards himself and his surroundings.

  • He is aware of his own worth. He has a self-compassionate approach.

  • They are solution oriented. They can find the strength to solve problems in themselves and are willing to try.

  • They can express their opinions openly and do not ignore their needs.

  • They look at life and people more confidently and lovingly. They do not hesitate to take responsibility for others.

  • They know that the responsibility of their lives is in their own hands and they take the necessary steps for this.

  • They establish more fulfilling and deep relationships.

  • They are eager to explore and seize opportunities.

  • They know their own limits and respect the boundaries of others. They don’t hesitate to say no when necessary.

  • They live in the moment. They try to do their best for today and they know how to enjoy this process.

People with Low Self-Esteem

  • They often experience feelings of sadness and worthlessness.

  • They are perfectionists.

  • They are critical and dissatisfied with both themselves and their environment.

  • They do not love themselves.

  • They are problem oriented.

  • They do not care about their ideas, they perceive their needs as flaws.

  • They often experience emotions such as anxiety, fear, and worry.

  • They have difficulties in decision making and implementation.

  • Interpersonal relationships are weak and superficial.

  • They are reluctant to take risks and try new things.

  • They have a hard time drawing boundaries. They can’t say no.

  • They live in the past or the future.

How Can We Raise Our Self-Esteem?

  • Get to know yourself. Recognize your strengths and weaknesses.

  • Develop positive habits.

  • Avoid perfectionism.

  • Do not underestimate your achievements.

  • Don’t compare yourself to anyone.

  • Stay away from negative-critical people and thoughts.

  • Remind yourself that you are valuable and sufficient.

  • Try to develop your good qualities.

  • Prioritize your own ideas rather than personalizing criticism.

  • Set realistic goals and start working towards it.

I wish you to feel your own worth…

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