Self-Care and Endurance

We look in the mirror every morning while washing our face, while our self-worth is looking at ourselves at every moment. What does that mean? Days pass, our moments change, times change, seasons pass; The me before and the me now are not the same. Even the seasons change colour, state and emotion; How can we stay stable? Which is the being with the widest scale of human emotion color… Everything can affect our emotional changes. Especially the seasons have a lot of influence on this, but this could be the subject of a separate article. How do these changes affect us? You have often asked how we can provide our psychological resilience to being affected by changes (each person is affected differently by different events-situations) when human is such a sensitive being. Or in other words, how can I protect myself when the world is such a dangerous place, how can I think healthy when I am under such stress, how can I focus on my work when I am so anxious, etc.?

Believe me, all these questions are so human and natural… Of course, many things can be written, but in this article, I will talk about the relationship between self-care and resilience. If we think of our resilience as a system that measures ‘how long we can last’ when faced with challenging situations, we become the power source of the system. How much he feeds the power source, grows it, strokes his hair, sings songs, reads books-poems, etc. if we take care of it; the more healthy and solid it becomes. This is what we call self-care. If we think of it as a whole physically, spiritually and mentally, the more balanced care you provide, the stronger and more balanced you will establish a system.

I will write an assertive sentence: I say that self-care begins in the soul, in thought, in our psychology. Then it develops fully mentally and physically and provides our endurance. Of course, I will not give you a list to do this or that because you know yourself much better than I do at this stage. So I’ll give you a soufflé for you to talk to yourself and make the list yourself.

What do I need? What does what I need serve? How will I feel when I get it? What are the long-term benefits for me? What are the short-term benefits? How can I obtain it? What would I have to do first? ….

It can be buying a chocolate, a feeling or something very utopian. Even if it is something utopian, if you can extract the underlying emotion, the need, you can even get it. For example, “I want to be king!”. It’s very reasonable, everything that goes through your mind is reasonable. to be king; Assume it is a symbol of being respected, being taken care of, being socially visible, and being a leader. Based on these, you can ask yourself these questions.

Spiritually, their wishes and desires are satisfied; questions answered; A self-healing self achieves a healthy harmony both physically and mentally. Even if he can’t catch it, he tries to do it. All this effort is an effort to establish integrity, self-care. It also requires some self-compassion. Let that be the subject of the next article. While looking in the mirror every morning, while doing your daily routine care, check your routine emotions such as washing your face and brushing your teeth, ask yourself how you feel and answer them. This is where self-compassion begins, listening to yourself…

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