Selenium Supplementation and IVF Treatment

Selenium has many benefits that increase the body’s immunity. Known as a powerful antioxidant, selenium is abundant in eggs, liver, tuna, cod, poultry and brazil nuts. One of the greatest properties of selenium, which reduces free radicals, regulates thyroid function, and reduces asthma symptoms, provides sperm motility in men. Selenium, which is included in the sperm mitochondria, causes an increase in the behavior and motility of the sperm cells as they pass through the vaginal canal. For this reason, getting enough selenium in the body, especially in IVF treatment, significantly increases the chance of IVF.

Nutrition in IVF Treatment

Nutrition is extremely important before and during IVF treatment. In this process, a healthy and regular diet is required to increase the body’s resistance. Vegetables such as spinach, beans, peas, green peppers, eggplant, cabbage, broccoli, artichokes, celery, purslane, potatoes, tomatoes, onions and garlic are among the indispensable foods in the IVF treatment process with the vitamins and minerals they contain. In addition to these, figs, apples, apricots, bananas, oranges, grapes, tangerines and pears also play an important role in IVF treatment with the benefits they provide to the body. During IVF treatment, couples should pay attention to their nutrition and meet the daily needs of the body. In this way, the chances of success increase significantly.

Selenium Support

Selenium is one of the most important minerals during pregnancy. Selenium deficiency is one of the most common thyroid disorders in Turkey. Therefore, expectant mothers with thyroid disorders should take selenium supplements. However, they should take this supplement from natural foods such as brazil nut instead of drugs. Selenium increases sperm quality and testosterone levels in men, as well as increases fertility in women. In addition to these, it is recommended to consume quinoa and chia seeds, which can be found easily in our country and are extremely rich in selenium. Taking selenium together with vitamin E significantly increases the success rate in men. According to studies, low sperm count is directly proportional to selenium deficiency. For this reason, couples who want to have children need to meet the body’s daily selenium needs on a regular basis in order to achieve success.

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