seeking happiness

He was staring at himself in front of the blue mirror, hopelessly. He brought the index fingers of both hands to the corners of his lips and lifted his lips upwards and said to himself “I want to be happy”. But it didn’t happen, the face looking at him in the mirror didn’t look happy no matter what he did. His face fell even more. In the kitchen, she came to her mother, who was sorting the beans with a small knife in quick movements and filling them in the plastic container. Her mother smiled when she saw him. She frowned and said, “Mom, I want to be happy”. His mother said to him, “There is a piece of cake left over from yesterday in the fridge, you can eat it, it will make you happy”. He opened the blue cabinet, took the cake, carefully cut it into small pieces with a fork and brought it to his mouth. The smell of cocoa, the sweet and soft touch of the cream on his tongue, relaxed him. She leaned back, licking the remaining cream from the corners of her lips. She felt a bloating in her stomach. He put his hand on his stomach and his face fell again. “Oh, I wonder how many unnecessary calories I have now,” she said.

She was excited to buy that unique dress she saw on her friend as she walked through the door of the mall. “I hope I can find the size that fits me,” he said to himself as he walked quickly towards the store. His excitement increased when he saw the crowd in the store. She would finally have that dress. He was startled by the voice of the attendant as he ran his hand through the clothes on the hanger at great speed. The officer wanted to help him. Now she had the dress she wanted. He felt happy on his way to the test cabin. She put on the dress, her face sullen again as she stared into the mirror inside the cabin. The dress didn’t look like it did on her friend at all. While making the payment at the cashier, she was making plans to drop to the weight that she could comfortably fit into the dress.

He was walking through the crowd, lost in thought, when he heard someone calling out to him. He was sitting with his friend Gül, whom he had not seen for a long time, drinking coffee and chatting. Rose looked very happy as she told her about her boyfriend whom she had just met. As Blue sighed admiringly listening to his friend, he noticed the lack in himself. She said “yes” as she left her friend and went home “I would be happy if I had a boyfriend”. Waste was relieved, he made up his mind, he was going to call the young man who wanted to be friends with him and tell him that he wanted to meet.

Sarp was a tall, handsome, talkative young man. They were drinking their tea and chatting together. More precisely, Sarp was telling, Mavi was listening with a smile. Sarp was talking about his experiences with other people he knew and his successes in his job. He wanted to continue his friendship with Mavi Sarp because he liked her. After hours of conversation, Sarp dropped him off at home. When Blue entered, his eyes fell on the mirror in the hallway. The face looking at him in the mirror did not look happy again. “Oh,” she said, “why can’t I be happy?”. He went to his room and threw himself on the bed, starting to follow the brush marks of the whitewash on the ceiling.

Her mother came in with an envelope in her hand. “This envelope came to you from the mail, I didn’t open it because you wanted to open it,” he said. Blue carelessly put the envelope on the nightstand. He was thinking of Sarp, and could not understand why he was not happy with her. After a long time she sat on the bed, opened the envelope, began to read she. His eyes were wide open, he quickly read to the end, went back to the beginning again, checked the names, looked at the signature. She screamed. “Hurray”. She darted from the room like an arrow and went to her mother. He could not stand still when he said, “I was accepted to that education with a scholarship”. She hugged her mother, kissed her cheeks, talking all the time. This was a great opportunity for him, so that he could get the job of his dreams. He couldn’t wait to share this news with his best friend. She opened her wardrobe, found a comfortable outfit, closed the closet door, and caught her eye in the mirror. The face in the mirror was looking at him happily. Yes, she was smiling and she looked beautiful.

As Viktor Frankl said, happiness is not something to be found by looking for it, it can appear when we least expect it. You never know what it will look like. There is no general concept of happiness. Every person’s recipe for happiness is actually hidden within him and is unique to him.

I wish you all a truly happy new year. Love and respect.

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