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Varicose veins seen in those who stand or sit for a long time; It does not only create visual discomfort, but also reduces the quality of life in many respects. The incidence of varicose veins, which is more common in women than in men, increases with age. It manifests itself with complaints such as heaviness, cramps, tension, itching and numbness in the legs. Confused when it comes to treatment modalities. Patients who used to have the chance to be treated only with compression stockings or surgery are now; He also heard of methods such as laser, radiofrequency (RF), steam therapy or foam therapy. It is very important for those who have varicose veins to stay away from a sedentary life such as sitting and standing for a long time, to avoid tight pants and to walk regularly every day.


Varicose veins are convoluted vein enlargement that can be seen under the skin of the legs or felt with the touch of a finger. It is a very common situation. Although it is perceived as a cosmetic problem by most, varicose veins can also cause complaints such as pain, cramps, fatigue, heaviness, warmth, swelling, numbness, itching in the feet. In the long term, it can cause serious problems such as foot wounds, varicose bleeding or coagulation in the varicose vein, although it is rare.


In recent years, new methods have emerged in the treatment of varicose veins. Although these do not require general or regional anesthesia, patients do not have to stay in the hospital as in varicose surgery. They can return to their homes or even to work by walking immediately after the procedure. When all these are brought together, new non-surgical methods are now preferable to surgery. However, as the number of methods increased, varicose veins patients began to get confused. Patients who could be treated with compression stockings or surgery in the past are now hearing about methods such as laser, radiofrequency, steam or foam treatment. All these developments are in the minds of “Which treatment method is better?” gave rise to the question. Studies have proven that methods such as laser, radiofrequency and steam are at least as effective as surgery. In fact, the probability of recurrence of varicose veins is higher in the long term with surgery. Of these, only the foam method is less effective in canceling the main vein compared to the others. In addition, with this method, the chance of recurrence of varicose veins is higher than laser, radiofrequency and surgery. For this reason, it is more appropriate to use it as an adjunct treatment to laser and radiofrequency rather than as the main treatment.


Treatment methods have the same effectiveness for each patient. In other words, if you have valve failure and related large varicose veins in your leg main vein, surgery, laser, radiofrequency, steam, injection of adhesive substance create almost the same effectiveness. However, among the new methods, laser therapy is currently the most frequently used method in the world. Radiofrequency method is also among the most preferred ones. Methods such as steam or adhesive are newer methods, but initial studies have shown that these treatments are just as effective as others. For this reason, it would be appropriate to leave the choice of treatment to your doctor by talking to him.


It is useful to mention some common mistakes about leg varicose veins and treatment. Although varicose veins are more common in overweight people, it is among the misconceptions that overweight people cannot be treated without losing weight. On the other hand, laser and radiofrequency treatments can be applied to all people. Arrival; In the long term, it may recur more frequently after surgery and less frequently with new methods such as laser and radiofrequency. It is possible to treat recurrent varicose veins after surgery with new methods. heirs; Neither compression stockings nor varicose veins can improve with natural herbal treatments. Such treatment methods can reduce the complaints of large varicose veins, but they do not regress or destroy the varicose veins. In addition, wearing high-heeled shoes is not recommended for patients with varicose veins because high-heeled shoes prevent leg muscles from working well. Tight trousers are also not suitable for those with very large heirs. Because large varicose veins can bleed by rubbing against the pants. But people whose heirs are not very obvious can wear such pants.

Types of Varicose Veins and Best Treatments

· Capillary varices: They are red or purple veins, always less than a millimeter thin, that do not protrude from the skin. It stings or itches infrequently. If it is not treated, it may cause visual distress, although it does not cause any problems.

Treatment : The most effective treatment method is to administer drugs into the capillaries with fine needles. This is called needle therapy or sclerotherapy. This method, which has been used for 50 years, has recently become much more popular, especially with the emergence of foam treatment. In fact, the drug used in the foam treatment is the foamed form of the liquid drug used in the treatment of capillary varicose veins for years and is more effective. However, the recommended method in the treatment of capillary varicose veins is still the use of the liquid form of the drug. The second treatment is skin laser or transcutaneous laser. If the capillary varicose veins are very thin, this is also a very effective treatment. This method should not be confused with intravenous laser therapy, which is a larger form of treatment.

· Medium varicose veins: They are varicose veins that are 2-3 mm thick and always green in color. It is most common behind the knee, but can occur anywhere in the leg. These are like capillary varicose veins and do not cause health problems unless they are very dense in the legs. Because the main veins of the leg are almost always normal in capillary and medium-sized varicose veins. There is no valve insufficiency or venous insufficiency in the veins.

Treatment: The most effective treatment is foam treatment. Foam therapy is a type of needle therapy, namely sclerotherapy, and is a very popular method in the last 10 years.

· Major heirs: Large varicose veins are a health problem. Since they are deeply located, the color of the veins is not visible, that is, they are in the color of the skin. They can also appear as purple veins if they are too large or in thin people. Finger-thick varicose veins are always large varicose veins. It almost always appears because there is valve insufficiency in one of the main veins of the leg. In other words, these patients have venous insufficiency or venous insufficiency. In order to reveal this failure, every patient with a large heir should be evaluated with a very detailed outpatient color ultrasound examination. Large varicose veins may not cause any complaints.

Treatment: Treatment of large varicose veins is different from others. The priority of treatment in large varicose veins is not externally visible varicose veins, but the large vein that forms them and has valve failure. First the source is removed, which leads to the disappearance of most of the visible heirs. If there are remaining varicose veins, foam treatment is applied to them. The most important innovations in treatment are in this group. Therefore, this is the group that creates the most question marks in treatment. Surgical treatment has been the single most important treatment for years and is still an effective method. Treatment requires the removal or cancellation of this vein that works against the body and causes damage. In the surgery, this vein with valve insufficiency is removed in a small operation. All new methods have emerged as an alternative to surgery in this group. These new methods are methods that allow this vessel to be closed in the body with a drug such as laser energy, radiofrequency (RF) energy, steam heat, special adhesives or foam instead of surgically removing it and disappear in the long term. Health guidelines in America and Europe have accepted new methods such as laser and radiofrequency as the first choice method in the treatment of varicose veins. All types of varicose veins can now be completely treated with non-surgical methods.

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