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The first years of life are very important for every person. A healthy physical and emotional health in the first 3 years will contribute positively to both brain development and emotional development. What you all hear often about infancy secure connection We can say that it is the first and fundamental step of this period. From the moment your child is born, he or she tries to establish a secure bond with the primary caregiver. The person who cares for the baby is usually the mother. So why is secure attachment so important for a peaceful infancy? The first communication you establish when you enter an environment or meet a person is as important as the communication where you receive the first signals of your existence. Assuming that it is the parents who spend the most time with the baby, the mood of the parent is directly reflected in the bond he establishes with the baby. In order for a secure bond to be formed, the infant’s needs must be responded to quickly and with compassion. Just as adults feel when they are negatively communicated with, babies feel the same way. In addition, it will be inevitable to experience various problems after the infancy period when love and attention are not fully felt. It is extremely important not only the mood of the caregiver, but also the communication between the parents and the peace in the home environment. Due to our social structure, our elders’ excessive involvement in this process and their constant intervention in baby care damage the bond between mother and baby. The mother who feels inadequate will be unhappy and this unhappiness will be reflected in her baby. Of course, experiences are very valuable, the guidance of adults is important, but our discourses should not cause the other person to feel inadequate. Contrary to popular belief, the pressure of the primary environment mostly affects the child negatively.

What are the harms to the child when secure attachment does not occur?

According to studies, children with secure attachments are more successful in coping with negative emotions and controlling stress. Children who form a secure bond with their primary caregiver have strong communication with the environment. The child, who has not gained healthy communication skills in the first years of life, carries this to the next periods of his life. In addition, they are deprived of skills such as understanding the environment and people, living in harmony with them, expressing themselves well, and empathizing. This will prevent him from establishing healthier relationships in his life.

Not to ignore this period and to be informed before the birth of the child facilitates the management of the process. I wish that the first bond that every child establishes with life is solid. Stay healthy..

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