Seborrheic dermatitis, oily eczema, host


It is a chronic recurrent disease characterized by white oily dandruff on a red-orange background, affecting the face, scalp, chest area and body folds.

There is a genetic predisposition, and the fungus Malassezia Furfur may play a role.

It is a picture that can be seen in infancy, after adolescence and after 50 years of age. It is observed more frequently in the male gender.

Parkinson’s can also develop in paralyzed patients, people with suppressed immune system, long-term use of cortisone medication, and some nutritional deficiencies (such as zinc, niacin and pyridoxine deficiency).

Generally, regression occurs in summer and exacerbation occurs in winter. In some patients, it may increase with sun exposure. In this way, seasonal variability (regression-exacerbation) is often described by patients.

In infants; In the scalp, the anterior-lateral parts, which we call the frontal and parietal regions, the back of the ear, the midline of the face, the eyebrows and the gland area can be affected. Scalp lesions are often called ‘host or cradle cap’ among the people. Bacterial or fungal infection can be added to it.

In adults; It involves the scalp, external ear canal, back of the ear, eyebrows, beards, nose edges and descending grooves, anterior chest, midline of the back and fold areas.

It causes lesions with oily white dandruff on a red orange background. Itching is more common in scalp lesions. Severe scalp lesion can lead to hair loss.

How is the diagnosis made?

Especially age-appropriate distribution pattern, lesion type, presence of accompanying complaints of the patient are important. It should be known that seborrheic dermatitis picture may be a signal of another disease in case of concomitant growth retardation, diarrhea, severe distribution incompatible with age, and resistant to treatment. Therefore, it should be evaluated by a dermatologist.

What Do We Use in Treatment?

The first thing to know in treatment is that if there is no additional disease, the picture in infancy is temporary. The picture observed in adulthood is repetitive. Due to familial or structural predisposition, it is necessary to accept that it is a structure of its own and to shape the lifestyle accordingly after applying the treatment recommendations and regressing the picture.

For adults; Shampoos containing selenium sulfide, zinc pyrithione, tar, ketoconazole or tea tree oil can be used. In addition, fungal creams or anti-inflammatory creams can be added by your doctor.

For babies; For the host, applications similar to the treatments applied to adults can be used, except for the application of olive oil.

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