Seasons Are Changing What About Our Metabolism?

When we say hello to winter, changes such as the cooling of the weather and the lengthening of the nights lead to some differences in our metabolism, and the winter time of metabolism begins.

It is a fact that we are more prone to gain weight in the winter. But contrary to what is known, our metabolic rate does not decrease in winter. So, what lies behind the weight gained with the arrival of winter? /p>

Known as seasonal affective disorder, “winter depression” is one of the main reasons for this.

  • This situation, which occurs with a decrease in exposure to daylight, increases our appetite and leads to the motivation to consume more carbohydrate sources such as sweets, fruits, bread and pasta.

  • We are looking for quick solutions that make us feel more comfortable and warm with the decrease in the temperature of the outside environment. This generally favors sugary choices such as hot chocolate and sahlep.

  • We are craving more sleep. 64-80% of people experience a spontaneous increase in sleep.

  • With a decrease in physical activity, our calorie expenditure decreases.

  • With the summer heat, the amount of water we consume comfortably decreases considerably in winter.

The reasons are clear, let’s come to the solutions,

  • In order to be less affected by winter depression, try to apply a nutrition model according to the sun’s rays.

  • Take care to have breakfast early in the morning, in bright light and rich in carbohydrates.

  • Reduce the carbohydrate and energy content of meals as you go from morning to evening.

  • Try to eat dinner in a dim light, without leaving it late.

  • Instead of high-calorie hot drinks, prefer herbal and fruit teas such as linden, sage, rosehip.

  • Do not skip your snacks, this way you can manage your appetite more easily.

  • Try to add a suitable, sustainable exercise to your routine. Because exercise not only helps you burn calories but also helps you control your food intake by affecting some points related to appetite.

  • Water is one of the key points for your metabolism to work optimally. Regardless of the tea and coffee you drink, make sure your water consumption is around 2 liters.

In summary;

Your metabolism does not betray you in winter, it just requires some care. It is possible to close the winter with your ideal body weight by paying attention to the details. Healthy days..

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