Searching for the Meaning of Life

Is therapy only for people with trauma, anxiety or depression? According to studies, 20 percent of people think that they have a psychological problem. What about the remaining 80 percent? Do they really need any support?

What about those who seek the meaning of life, those who want to find a way to realize themselves, those who want to use their full potential, those who say what do I want in this life, what do I want to do, what do I want to be, what is my purpose? Don’t these people need a support mechanism too?

As far as most of us know, the science of psychology emphasizes the mental disorders, pathologies and what is missing in humans and works to correct them. However, this is not the only purpose of psychology. In addition to correcting what is lacking in human beings, it also aims to reveal the existing strengths, to discover their personal potential and to achieve a stronger, happier and more satisfied life.

Many people today who don’t actually have any significant mental distress have these thoughts from time to time; Who am I, what is my purpose in life, what do I like, what do I like to do, how can I find the meaning of life, how can I get more satisfaction from life? Maybe these questions are familiar to you, maybe you ask yourself from time to time, but then in the flow of daily life you go through them and dive into your work or you say, “But am I going to discover the meaning of life” and pass it off. At the point where you can’t get over these thoughts, you start to think that you are not living the life you want, and you start to not enjoy life.

So why do people start thinking about these at some point?

According to Maslow’s pyramid of needs; For people whose basic needs are met, other issues begin to arise in life. For example, the desire to discover one’s own potential and use it to the maximum, to do something meaningful in life. There are many people who feel this need and even experience it as an existential crisis. And most of them find it difficult to make sense of the mental state they are in because they do not have any tangible traumas or mental disorders, but on the other hand, they find life meaningless, they do not enjoy the activities they do and they may experience it like a depression. So what do these people need?

On their journey of self-discovery, they need a guide to ask themselves the right questions. “What do I want to do in life? What do I do to be happy and really enjoy life?” They are looking for the answer to their question.

If you are experiencing a situation where your questions about life are increasing, the things you used to enjoy are no longer satisfying you, you are looking for more but you do not know what it is, perhaps you may need a guide to explore by asking the right questions together.

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